Teaching Hermetic Virtues

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I have been going through HoH:TL and reading the rules on Original Research. I came accross the bit where it mentions teaching your new hermetic virtue to others and how there is no penalty from knowing arts as it is already a hermetic virtue.

My question is this: Can you teach any hermetic virtue you know to other magi? Or just write a text on it? Or does this only apply to a virtue you researched?

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Any Hermetic Virtue, though at penalties (not from Art scores, though). The method is in Apprentices. However, that method had not been written at the time of what you're reading and may mean that bit needs to be reinterpreted or have an erratum or something. I would have to read more carefully when not on my phone hundreds of miles from my books.

The book "The Mysteries" or HoH: Mystery Cults also has rules on how virtues can be taught pre/ post apprenticeship.

Taught, not initiated? Could you specify where at all? I missed those.

It is on p. 40ff there, in a subchapter of 'Hermetic Apprenticeship": so every extension of interpretation beyond that is at the risk of the troupe. If an apprentice already has Hermetic Virtues, these significantly increase the target level to teach her further ones. The parens can inflict Hermetic Flaws to overcome such penalties. But only Hermetic Virtues and Flaws of the teacher can be passed on that way.

HoH:TL p.29f speaks only of Hermetic Virtues acquired as the result of Original Research.


Thanks for that, I have just read the relevant parts of Apprentices.

I already knew about the Mystery Cult path of gaining virtues, but was after a way to get a specific virtue out to 30 or so magi.

I am guessing that even if something was a supernatural virtue originally, by doing the research you get something similar but hermetic? My magus wants to gain fame by learning and passing the "unaging" virtue around.

It is a supernatural virtue which he doesn't have, so I was thinking it would be a Major Breakthrough to get a hermetic variant of it. This could then be taught to other magi.

Apprentices talks about a teaching total - now in HoH:TL it mentions that you can write a text about your new virtue so other people can learn it.

I am guessing it is something similar for texts, you write a text with a certain quality, then if when someone reads it, if they gain enough XP to breach the ease factor they can learn the virtue? The ease factor will be different for each magus depending on their current hermetic virtues.

I am not sure if they should get the XP as well - e.g. a tractatus on Magic Theory talking about the new virtue and how it can work, if it works they get the virtue and the XP, if it fails they just get the XP.

What do you guys think? Will his idea work?

How about tinkering with the longevity ritual so it effectively gives Unaging like how sterility is removed in Magi of Hermes?

It can be a lot simpler.

So, your magus has - with troupe and storyguide agreeing that this is a Major Breakthrough - researched 'Unaging' by the HoH:TL Original Research rules. He employed many years for that Original Research, achieved and stabilized the number of Breakthrough points necessary, and sucked up the Warping for it. Then he writes a tractatus about it, and whoever studies that for a season and gains at least one xp from that, receives the Virtue 'Unaging' as a Hermetic Virtue. In game the troupe justifies this by having the reader acquire knowledge of a specific regimen of living, or by whatever else they deem suitable.


Well, it will be an NPC who is going to learn the virtue and he has a way to get around the warping.... Legally and using the rules written in HoH:TL.
I am just wondering whether he needs Good Teacher etc.

Well, it is your campaign. So go ahead.

I understood than actually the experience points were only to Minor or totally Integrated Major or Hermetics Breaktrough.

Major and Hermetic Breaktroguhs need be fully Integrated to be learned like part of Magic Theory, only requiring access to one Lab text with the Breaktrough; like the Minor, and it can be learned with Magic Theory, I see.

But Major and Hermetic texts don't need xp asigned with ability neither, only write one tractatus to learn it; or direct teaching, but only needs grant some experience, but not any ability.