Teaching Latin

One of the problems that keeps getting mentioned is teaching a hermetic apprentice to read, write and speak Latin. Does anyone have any info on how long it took to actually teach Latin in the middle ages? Would it be possible to use Mentem magic to speed up training time for languages (realizing that letting magic speed up training times may not be the best idea, even if it's accompanied by warping points).

=> teaching activity.

You could assume that in the apprentice's first year you teach Latin for one season, right after opening the arts. You then allow the apprentice to treat the other 3 seasons as "practice a language in an area where it is spoken." This makes since because you are quite capable of immersing him in the language. it is his job at that point is to talk to you (in Latin) and deal with your reply (in Latin). Other Magi who talk to the apprentice will likewise use Latin. Unless your apprentice spends lots of time with the Turb (why? He's needed in my sanctum helping me out!) he is really only exposed to Latin speakers. Just think of the magi of the covenant as a really small community! If you allow this approach the apprentice needs about 5 seasons of practice after your one of instruction. Add Artes Liberales in his second year and you've got yourself a literate, Latin speaking apprentice.

Now, based on what I found after a quick online search, historically schooling in Latin took place in grammar schools. A student would attend a grammar school primarily to learn Latin starting sometime around age 11 and going to around age 14, at which time they could attend university. Although some Latin may have already been picked up in song schools that began as young as 6 or 7.

To me, grammar school in Ars terms would look something like this: Start at age 11. Go to school for three seasons a year in a class with a decent teacher who has some skill (Say Com +2, +3, +5 teaching= 10 x 3 = 30 xp per year). After three years you emerge with Latin 5, and Artes Liberales 2 and three seasons of doing something else.

Probably more seasons doing "something else". And quite likely Latin 4 instead of 5.

"Something else" being probably Philosophiae, Theology, Law and maybe Etiquette, Athletics, Music, Teaching, Area Lore(local/regional/"world")...

Agreed, though I think the 'something else' is probably likely to be more social - remember, this is the experience the character is picking up in their free time in between attending school.

Also, I think the likelihood of a medieval grammar school teacher having a decent Communication AND a teaching score of 5 is pretty remote, given that the vast majority of them weren't specialised, professional teachers - just clergymen from a nearby cathedral who could be spared from liturgical duties.

As for Communication scores, it depends on how common a given score is, how able the person is to self select a job that fits his skill, etc., etc... In my ME people who are are good at a given thing are usually the ones that do it, so most any professional/craftsman who has an ability to select what he wants to do has (or develops) the right attributes to make that profession work. Blacksmiths have high Strength, teachers are good with Communication, etc.

I was under the impression that grammar schools (as actual grammar schools and not as a category of primary education) came to exist in the late 12th century (with the advent of universities). The universities would not accept someone that didn't speak Latin, so schools opened to teach it. While the teachers were clergy (so, technically were all university students, as I understand it), I thought they were graduates of the universities who had earned the legal right to teach. Since they were in competition with each other it would behoove them to learn to teach well. In Ars terms they either were themselves taught or else spent seasons "practicing" teaching. That, plus a little exposure, easily gets you to around 5 in Teaching. I could well be wrong, so any medievalists out there who want to set he record straight, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Mmm, maybe. I would say that RAW however they would be getting their XP from teaching all the time or nearly all the time anyway, simply because even in the less active seasons, it would still be provding the most XP.

Disagree. Clergy at the time very often did have teaching ability, because they often had to teach, and their training often included it. Also, not uncommonly at least, people got into the path of clergy exactly because they were good "communicators".
So a total Teaching+Com score in the 5-8 range i would accept without the slightest problem.
Less would be rather unlikely, more wouldnt be outrageous but probably not likely at least not alot more.

I would also say that a "PRO" teacher would commonly have a better total than that.

Far from required unless i misrecall. They MAY be former university students but i would say that more would not be.

Yup, totally reasonable. Anyone going for a seriuos teaching score might have "Good Teacher" and Puissant (and/or Affinity) Teaching, adding +7(+9) to teaching total. I certainly wouldnt call that unreasonable either, even if such a combination might be rare(extremely rare!).