'Teaching Virtues'

I have been perusing my library, and would like to know where I might find reference to teaching virtues and how they become teachable :slight_smile:

The Apprentices book is a good place to start for Hermetic Virtues. Somewhere on this forum the author talks about how you might apply these guidlines to other General Virtues.

And then you can always pursue the path of the Mysteries for imparting virtues. You're not necessarily creating a true Mystery Cult, but following that example of using ordeals, sacrifices, etc to generate a high enough script bonus to earn a particular virtue.

There are also rules for teaching Supernatural virtues associated with the magic realm to Gifted people on page 166, and for teaching Supernatural virtues associated with the Divine to characters with True Faith in Realms of Power: The Divine (pg 47 of the first edition, not sure about the Revised version). The faerie equivalent is on page 116 of RoP: Faerie, and the infernal version on page 126 of RoP: The Infernal.