Technique and Form tables

I'm in need of an easily printable reference for the Form and Technique tables found at the beginning of their entries in the Spell chapter. Anyone have one I can use quick, or must I spend a few days at Kinkos? ;D

I'm sorry to be a bit late - I saw your post a few days back but didn't get to answer but now I remembered it again and I'm here. I hope you haven't already been at it - 'cause it is a considerable project; especially if you had also just done 4th edition a month before the arrival of 5th :blush:

I have it, in English, and I just tried to send it as a private post but wasn't possible - do you have an email address? Because I have to send it as an attachment.

Would actually be nice to get all the guidelines together adding the "new" ones from the various 5th edition books not included in the core book.

Thanks, but a fellow already sent one to me!

Cheers mate!

It's an awfully nice tool to have.