Teleport related questions

What is the fastest way to get out of you clothes ... fast cast a Re/Co teleport spell without any prerequisite forms
If clothes by default not get teleported then a voice range 50 paces teleport is a mighty weapon as it disarm and give falling damage to a then naked human who in the end even have to make a personality roll how (s)he act.

This make me wonder how the current cannon for the Re/Co teleport spells are.

Are the terram, herbam, annimal and so on prerequisite +0 or +1 level one?

How much clothing and worn equipment is teleported along given the correct prerequisites? (i.e. is a Knight with a full plate armor, lance, huge shield, banner on the back and a sword on the side full teleported)



Thanks One Shot so we again have contradicting rules in 2 different books
HoH:S 36 say under Wizard's Leap

so again something that need a house-rule for each group.

If you look closely, it is not an explicit contradiction.

If you consider HoH:S p.36 Wizard's Leap as the result of an esteemed 9th century Flambeau's research that perhaps came out slightly suboptimal, you can still follow TME p.107 in "Ars Magica Fifth Edition does not specify whether casting requisites are needed for instant transportation, and this may be left to the interpretation of the troupe" and do as your troupe pleases.


Teleporting somebody 50 paces is a mighty weapon, whether it brings their armour or not - 50 paces straight up, if you take a pace to be a yard is 150 feet (yeah I know, some people prefer different archaic measurements) or +75 damage on normal ground, possibly halved or doubled depending on a soft landing or a hard and spiky landing. Most humanoids can't survive that kind of hitting-the-ground damage whether they have their armour on or not, and whether you let Protection count against falling damage or not.

On the other hand, it's ReCo base 15 - the base to hold a target motionless is 5. Add 1 magnitude for duration:diameter and you've got a spell that holds someone motionless for 2 minutes. You could use the opportunity to have a grog walk up, take their weapons and tie them up or walk up and stab them. Against non-magical opponents this spell is 5 levels easier and more versatile in combat (although less useful for movement - you can't teleport allies across obstacles, but you can use the hold motionless spell to stop a friend falling to their death). Against magical opponents, holding them immobile will just penalize their spellcasting but then again quite a few magical opponents can cast spells to fly or shapechange and so have a chance to get out of falling to their deaths.

Plus you can hold anybody motionless anywhere, and you need to be in the open to teleport someone 50 paces high.

But teleporting up is a nasty offensive spell. We call it the omelette maker.