Teleportation spell, Target: Circle

Supposing one invented a version of Leap of Homecoming with Target: Circle, wouldn't it require Range: Touch rather then Personal?
Or is it enough with Personal, if the castrer himself is in the Circle?

It would be touch. All circle spells are designed like that :slight_smile: The only personal option I can see is a Muto Corpus spell that first transfoerm the magus into a circle. THEN the magus can cast a circle spell affecting himself :laughing:


Most questions like this have definitive answers in the Core book.

Reread the definition of Range:Personal at the beginning of the Spells Chapter, p111, under Ranges: "Only affects the casting magus...". Not "centered on the caster", not "... and stuff around the caster" - JUST him*. It then goes on to say "The target is thus never larger than 'Individual'" - and Circle is not Individual. (It is "larger", if not higher magnitude.)

(* "him"?! "magus"?! Must be a typo!) 8)

(I would believe that this also precludes any "Range:Personal, Target:Group" spell that is supposed to always include the Caster.)

There are a few rare exceptions, such as huge CrIg spells that radiate outward (Last Flight of the Phoenix, HoH:S), but those could be considered to be more unavoidable side effects than the effect itself.

Xavi not only has it right, but also paints an interesting picture :laughing: