Teleportion : naked? - trying to find canon answer

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I was reading - again - the spell "Leap of homecoming" which most of you do know that it says nothing about requisites for clothes etc being teleported with you.

But, after that, I have read the spell in HoH:S, in the Flambeau section, about teleporting yourself to a little distance (obviously a combat axed spell) which does precise that if your talisman come with you (because he is personal too), necessary casting requisites are required for the rest to come with.

Can we assume this last reasonment, in HOH:S, worths also for the canon spell?
Implying that it's canonly admitted that teleportation goes only for yourself (person) and your talisman and that all the other stuff need casting requisite to be taken with?


PS: of course after the application of the canon rule, everyone can house rule - I would be the first, saying that "normal clothes" (= pants,robe,shirt, with non magical effect on them) come with you [because i don't like the idea of naked magi travelling over the world ^^]

You are absolutely 100% correct , ReCo teleportation , by RAW , will transport your body only.
Requisites of An , He & Te (adjusted to affect metal , higher if you have gemstones) are required to take everything else.
If you were covered in flames , you can teleport away from them by RAW.
All those who want not to have requisites and clothed magi , can have damaging effects transport also.

The general House Rule , that i am aware of , is that everything covered by your Parma can be teleported w/o requisites.

AM5 p.112, Target Individual: "clothes on a person or moss on a boulder are part of the person or the boulder for these purpose"

AM5 p.114, Requisites : "Thus, the Herbam and Terram requisites that allow a spell to change a clothed man into a bird do not add any levels"

The first clearly say that an Individual target is good enough to affect a clothed man (just in case anyone was wondering). But the second does say that requisites are needed to affect clothes with a Corpus spell targeted on the wearer. It seems clear to me that ReCo teleporting follows the same rules, and require casting requisites.

Also for Magi with familiars, what would you need to teleport them with you? Can they just curl up in your arms, or do you need ReAn equivalent cast on them first?


Target: Ind is certainly not sufficient to transport both you and your familiar with the same spell.

Yes, you would need two spells, or one spell with a Group target and a requisite that adds a magnitude (the requisite being, probably, whichever form you used to bond your familiar, or Animal if you prefer)

Group target yes, Animal requisite yes, magnitude for the requisite I'm not so sure. The requisite is broadening the target options but it's not changing what the spell fundamentally does. It looks more like an optional requisite on a standard group teleport just in case there are animals. If you want a requisite with magnitude how about a +2 Terram requisite for all non-living items worn or carried paying the extra to use Terram as the default solid form?

Or how about just putting a R:Touch T:Individual ReAn version in the familiar bond to summon the familiar to you. There's a lot of added utility this way. I like doing one each way (magus <-> familiar).


I play that Casting Requisites are required for bringing stuff with you.

Although I agree that I don't want naked teleportation in my saga, here's another excerpt that supports the "naked teleportation is RAW" argument. (I added a couple of words to clarify the context.)

So to me it looks like RAW says: Target Individual is enough, but casting requisites are needed, to move clothing along with the person.
(On the other hand, requisites are certainly not necessary when using ReCo to move a person slowly through the air, simply because the clothes are physically attached. But that's the "nature of teleportation" can of worms - whether it's BAMF-style teleportation or unfathomably fast movement.)

As people dont go "smack" trying to teleport through solid walls, its teleportation.
And the difference from moving someone by ReCo is that there it doesnt matter if you try to move their things with them, as anything on them or anything they┬┤re holding still moves with them because it IS held or on them.

A very good question was asked IMS: "What did the Bonisagus magi do in the last 300 years?" The answer was of course fixing naked teleportation and such.

Not proven i'm afraid.
What if they are simply moving so quickly , they are "out of phase" or desolid.

The Rego guidelines explicitly say that "being somewhere" is a natural thing, so changing the status of "being somewhere" is Rego -- teleportation. It's not "ultra-quick movement", it's "being somewhere".

In our saga, we allow normal clothes and other minor stuff to teleport with you as a cosmetic effect, but anything major needs a requisite. Also, a talisman is part of you, so we teleport the talisman with the magus for free.

In the Spell guidelines the wording is not Teleport but Transport seemingly meaning that you don't blink out of existance and blink back elsewhere but actually travel at phenominally high speeds between the intervening points.


First, when I look up "teleport" on my computer I get "transport or be transported across space and distance instantly." That looks suspiciously similar to "Transport a target instantly [some distance]."

But if you really want to understand the RAW on this, I highly suggest reading Wizard's Leap. It uses essentially the same guideline as Seven-League Stride and The Leap of Homecoming (Transport a target...) but at a lower level so it doesn't transport you as far. It says:

So, by RAW we have:

  1. Your Talisman is a part of you and so does not require casting requisites (as long as you're touching it).
  2. Your clothing, jewelry, etc. do require requisites.
  3. The transportation does bypass barriers and so is not merely very fast movement.

Prior to HoH:S there wasn't as much clarity. There is now. I totally expect a number of house rules to be enjoyed in various sagas, and that's fine, but I don't think there's much room for debate on RAW.


Also you can go to into a closed off regio if you have an arcane connection to it, while you can not move there in any other fashion. I say that is teleportation.