Tell me about the Mobeds (from the Cradle and the Crescent)!

I was planning to buy tCatC when it comes out in pdf (so much handier than paper); but a new player in our saga was thinking of taking, as a companion character, a Mobed. So I may end up getting tCatC in paper... depending on what you tell me :slight_smile:

a) Can Mobeds be companions, or only Mythic companions?

b) How tied are they to their communities? Would it make sense for one to travel to a distant land and establish a community there?

c) Anything else I should keep in mind?

  1. Mobeds are written up as a holy tradition and so are intended to be run as Mythic Companions, but you could certainly create one as a companion though naturally he wouldn't initially have access to the full suite of Methods & Powers available to the tradition.

  2. As I read the book, most mobeds are closely associated with their respective Fire Temples.

  3. Nothing that springs immediately to mind...

I agree with Mobed. They are mythic companion characters, and can achieve some impressive feats. A companion Mobed should not be a spellcaster/holy magic user, which of course makes them less interesting to have around!

In RoP:D you only have special True Faith effects up to Faith 5. Mobeds have special effects up to Faith 8, so you may need to recalibrate your ideas of how big Faith ratings get and how often you should award extra Faith.

They also have some interesting methods of living extremely long lives, and initiations into a variety of Virtues including Mythic Herbalism, Mythic Alchemy and Dream Interpretation.