Tell me some creative uses of spells.

I'm just curious what sorts of creative surprises players in your game have come up with. Something that's not the obvious way to use a spell, but which still works. E.g. Using a ReCo teleport spell to kill someone via falling damage, or PeTe to destroy the earth underneath someone instead of having to deal with their magic resistance, or casting Pilum of Fire on a nearby river to shroud the area in mist and thus provide concealment. Doesn't have to be ground-breaking or new, I'm just looking for creative solutions where someone was thinking outside the box, in a good way.

My players needed to access a faerie regio that could only be entered by climbing an iced over waterfall. It was early summer and they didn't have enough PeAq to freeze the waterfall. Instead, they used illusion spells to make the waterfall look and sound frozen, and ReCo spells to 'climb' up it. I figured that was good enough for a faerie regio :slight_smile: (It wouldn't have worked for a magical regio, I think, as the magic realm cares about the reality of things rather than their appearance or role).

In another game, we ended up in a competition with some giants. They set a challenge to find a hazel tree within a bit of forest; the first person to find it would win. My maga had just enough CrHe to spontaneously create a hazel tree for a diameter, which amused the giants enough to let us win.

Finding invisible creatures by sponting a creo corpus "creation of lots of dandruff" spell.