Name: Tempestpuer ( I apologize for the butchered latin in the name. It was a warped translation of ‘Storm Child’)

[code]Birth Name: Geoffrey Isles
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Age: 28 (28) , 7 years past apprenticeship
House: Tytalus
Confidence: 2(5)
Birth Year: 1182
Religion: Christian
Profession: Magi
Place of Origin: York
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Right


Int: +3
Per: -2
Str: 0
Sta: +1
Pre: +2
Com: +2
Dex: 0
Qik: -2


The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Self-Confident

Minor Magical Focus (Lightning), Flexible Formulaic Magic, Pussant Aurum, Special Circumstances (During Storms), Inventive Genius, Pussant Guile, Cyclic Magic Postive (Autumn, Winter)


Beloved Rival (Story), Necessary Condition (Must point at target with two fingers), Optimistic (Major), Proud (Minor), Careless Sorcerer, Motion Sickness


260 total

Brawl (Dodge) 2 - 15
Guile (Feigning Weakness) 3 - 30
English (Prose) 5 - Free
Stealth (Shadowing) 2 – 15
Artes Liberales (Logic) 2 – 15
Latin (Hermetic Usage) 5 – 75
Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) 3 – 30
Parma Magica (Mentem) 2 – 15
Penetration (Aurum) 3 – 30
Code of Hermes (Political Intrigue) 2 – 15
Intrigue (Alliances) 1 – 5
Concentration (Spell Concentration) 2 – 15

Arts - 255


Creo 9 – 45
Intellego 5 – 15
Muto 5 – 15
Perdo 0
Rego 9 – 45


Animal 0
Aquam 5 – 15
Aurum 9 – 45
Corpus 0
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 5 – 15
Mentem 9 – 45
Terram 0
Vim 5 – 15

Personality Traits

Optimistic +3
Proud +2
Calm +3

Spells - 120

Cloud of Rain and Thunder, CrAu, 25, S/C/G, Arm5 pg 126
Charge of the Angry Winds, CrAu, 15, V/C/I, Arm5 pg 125
Circling Winds of Protection, CrAu, 20, T/C/I, Arm5 pg 125, Req Rego
Confusion of the Numbed Will, ReMe, 15, E/S/I, Arm5 pg 151
Aura of Rightful Authority, ReMe, 20, E/S/I, Arm5 pg 151
The Far Speaking Voice, CrMe, 20, A/D/I, Societas pg 97
Wind Against the Back, ReAu, 5, T/S/I, Arm5 pg 128


Wizard’s Robes[/code]


There is a small crackle of static electricity that runs over Tempestpuer’s body, or over the target of his spells. It does no harm to anything it touches.


Born to a family of sheep herders near York, James was the youngest son in family with five elder siblings, and often the most ignored. His mother always seemed to lose track of the boy, as he seemed to wander quite a bit, and would find him staring off into oncoming storms as they appeared. His siblings found him to be a strange child, sometimes following them around, shocking them ever so slightly on physical contact. His father, not even wanting a sixth child to begin with, was looking for anyone that’d be willing to adopt the young child.

Eventually, he found a taker, an equally strange man that noticed the strange young child one day, and took the boy from his family. The man was a Magi of a nearby covenant named Regulus, and he took the child as his apprentice. Given the boy’s young age, Regulus had to split up some of his training in Latin and other general education, leaving some for his later apprenticeship. He taught him some of basics of Magic Theory as well to make up for it.

After the first five years, the classic Tytalus apprenticeship began. Regulus began subjecting the boy to ridiculous rules, illogical punishments, and general frustrating acts. This would continue mercilessly for the next ten years. Frustratingly enough, Regulus never seemed to be able to frustrate the boy. James just seemed to take it without argument, annoying Regulus to no end. Regulus kept to his regiment, hoping to cause the boy to react in some way, though he secretly started giving up on the child.

Unbeknownst to his master, James WAS reacting exactly how his master planned, he was just relatively good at hiding it. The man who finally showed that he cared for James, ended up being some sort of comical antagonist in this boy’s life, and it made James feel betrayed. And slowly, bit by bit, he learned to resent his master profusely. After witnessing a few moots his master dragged him to, and witnessing that his own magic seemed to rise in power at certain times, James began concocting a plan.

His initial attempt to embarrass his master was thwarted, given his master through him to his first attempt at a gauntlet earlier than he anticipated. Given James did not think he could finally use his powers to break Regulus’s will, he feigned weakness, disappointing Regulus somewhat, and failing the first Gauntlet. He then waited for the perfect Autumn Storm to hit, and when it did, it was James that dragged his master to the Gauntlet site. Regulus was mildly confused, given the boy never quite showed initiative like this before.

As the storm hit, the two began their debate, and the moment the storm hit and Regulus began introducing some magic to the proceedings, James dropped every ounce of subtly. He unleashed winds around himself to draw attention, and began relentlessly forcing mind affecting spells upon his master, unleashing every bit of anger he had been holding back for the past ten years. Regulus was taken aback by his apprentices sudden change in demeanor, and was at first at the young man’s mercy…before coming back to subdue the young man in a bout of joyous laughter. Regulus then accepted James as a magus of house Tytalus, giving him the name Tempestpuer, and leaving him in sheer confusion. The audience that grew from two people to twenty during the course of the debate also congratulated him, leaving Tempestpuer a mix of angry, confused, and happy.

Unfortunately, those accruing audience members came from watching another apprentice’s gauntlet, a young woman that showed obvious great promise beforehand, who would go by the name Alexandria. Angry that her performance was somewhat derailed by Tempestpuer, she confronted him about it. Still riding the strange and conflicting emotions of his gauntlet, he simply told Alexandria that he didn’t care, which further enraged her. She quickly retaliated against Tempestpuer, preventing him from joining a prospective covenant, which encouraged him to react against her.

This proceeded for the next four years, leading the both of them to finally shove a blood soaked spiral into each other’s faces, declaring their rivalry to be eternal. The two had opposing philosophies of conflict as well, with Alexandria being Calliclean and Tempestpuer being Hippian. The two’s rivalry made it difficult for Tempestpuer to join a covenant for long, but then he heard of the strange situation in Edinburgh, and volunteered to help establish a covenant there. With the new challenge ahead, he set out to seek his fortune there.

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