Temporary supernatural virtues

Since it is quiet...

I remember reading of some way to temporarily gain a supernatural ability. If you don't have it you gain a score of 3 but if you already have it you get a +3 (or something like that). Could anyone remind me where this is discussed? For some reason I cannot locate it anymore.

Noble's parma

Wasn't that one of the Learned Magician and Gruagachan's powers?

Noble's Parma, but Enriching Items of Virtue can accomplish the same thing.

And only in Minor Virtues the Figurine Magic too (ideally can be considered a Grog level Learned Magic)

In Hedge Magic you gain the virtue at level 4 if it has an associated ability level. At least for Gruagachan and Hedge magicians. The witches might grant another power level (serf's parma). No idea about the other supplements. In general, the level is listed with the power description.

Tyhe bonus to an existing abilityy is another effect that cannot be granted with the same spell, I think.


Thank you all.

Sadly I leafed through HMRE and RoP:M at a friend's place, which explains why I couldn't find those references. I was looking for guidelines boosting my Second Sight using InIm or MuCo. MoH has many examples but none of them are on abilities, and figurine only gives but does not boost the score.

AFAIK there is no official guideline to do what you intend.

To boost Second Sight you might need to check the InVi guidelines instead. There might be something there. I woukld be happy to grant you a +1 to the roll per magnitude. Maybe starting with a +1 for a Base 3 spell? Something like that.


The MuVi say precissely that only Hermetic powers can be boosted by their gidelines. I can suppose that a Breacktrough could make possible the use, and it's possible than there should be achieved, but no really popular (not all world in order have Supernatural Virtues with a Supernatural Ability). And should be a Minor Breckatrough if only affect an Ability learned or greatly known by the Magi, or Major for a group of related Abilities (type, similar effects or Favored by a Tradition) or Hermetical for no limit or all of one Realm Aligned Abilities.
I have the doubt about an exception in the RoP: Infernal with the way to become an effect in a Burst MuVi(Ig)... That shouldn´t be possible or it isn't exposed in any book.

Thing is, Second Sight breaks Hermetic rules by not requiring penetration. Using InVi to boost it feels a bit abusive in circumventing that limit.

Oh, IIRC one of Fenicil's Rituals in HoH: TL grants a +5 bonus to Second Sight...

Oooh, that's it! Thank you!