Terram: clay = fired clay (pottery)?

A very simple question: I was wondering if pottery, made of fired clay, counts as "clay" for Terram guidelines (one of the "easiest" types of Terram to work with). I see nothing that would contradict this, and it has a certain degree of "mystic rightness" since clay is a relatively easy material to "work".

If you can name a natural source of Pottery , other than Harry , then yes.

Creo Animal Guidelines , page 116
To create treated animal products add one magnitude
To create treated and processed animal products add two magnitudes

Creo Herbam Guidelines , page 136
To create treated Herbam products add one magnitude
To create treated and processed Herbam products add two magnitudes

Creo Terram Guidelines , page 153
Creating earth in an elaborate shape is one level of magnitude higher than the listed guidelines.

Basic lumps of pottery , tiles or bricks , +01 magnitude
Pottery as jugs , containers , ornaments , etc , +02 magnitude

Thanks Ravencroft! But ... I can find all other guidelines you posted save for these two ones :frowning:
Are they from the corebook?

I believe he was extrapolating them, based on the guidelines for processed materials from other forms.

Certainly was. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, then I'm not totally convinced.

Steel is not "naturally occurring" (at least not anymore than pottery - I guess occasionally a natural fire will bake clay into pottery) and a simple steel sword can created with the "create base metal" guideline without modifications for processing or complexity. So, I don't think the workmanship should add magnitudes, up to anything of the complexity of a simple jug.

My main question was whether pottery should be considered clay, stone, or maybe glass. As I said, I lean strongly towards clay.

But thanks for the reply!

Treat Pottery as Clay , but add +01 Magnitude because you need to treat or process Clay to get it.
If the spell to create a steel sword does not add magnitudes for anything other than Level 05: Create Base Metal ,
then dont worry about it.
Creo Terram Guidelines:

Emphasis is mine.
And i don't see any reference in the errata to the unnatural property part.

No additions save +1 for Touch and +1 for Diameter.

I do not think that "unnatural" here means "a quality that emerges only if the material is processed"; instead I think it means "with some weird property", like earth that is lighter than air, that whistles, that is phosphorescent, or that is attracted to wickedness like a lodestone to iron :slight_smile: Look at the examples from the Creo Aquam guidelines for unnatural liquids.