Terram spell for moderation

I must have been struck by my magical muse recently, another spell for your perusal.

The Earths Sucking Grave
MuTe 20
Range: Touch, Duration: diameter, Target: part
The magus touches the ground at his feet and the earth he stands on and that within 9 paces of himself turns into quicksand. This quicksand is 9 paces deep. Nearby enemies tend to find this an extreme inconvenience and unless they manage to get out of the quick sand within a minute they will sink under the ground level and start to suffocated. It takes a dexterity stress roll of 6+ to escape the first round and the difficulty goes up by one for every round that the target remains in the quicksand (He is gradually sinking deeper and deeper). The caster remians unaffected and can walk across the surface of the quicksand as if it were normal packed earth. Note that this spell only works while on earth, stone or other material will cause it to fail.
(Base 2, +1 touch, +1 diameter, +1 part, +1 size, +2 complex - caster unaffected)

The only thing that bothers me about this one is the caster unaffected part. I made this spell for another player in my saga and thats what he requested. Does this make rules sense? Is it even possible to do like this?

A Rego requisite and one additional magnitude should take care of that: MuTe(Re) 15.

No complaints, uncertain about the walk on water business. It seems a bit cumbersome. Why give the targets a chance to escape?

How about:

The Earths Sucking Grave 1.5
Mu Te
Base 3 Change dirt into a liquid
R: T+1
D: M
T: P+1
Size +1

The magus touches the ground with their toe as if testing water to learn its temperature. The ground in front of the magus turns to water for but a moment. The area of effect is a circle 6 paces across and 9' deep. After a moment, the liquid becomes solid ground again. Parma Magica applies. I suppose the generous could give a Dex roll to keep their heads above water. But barring Parma Magica allowing to one float above/on top of the water, everybody gets 'hit' and sinks.

MuTe 10
R: T
D: M
T: P

Me the stickler. Oy! :wink:

Brilliant, thats exactly what i was after, don't know why I forgot rego prereq's.

Both spells are very nice.

Tuura's needs targetting though, doesn't it? And a (free) Aq requisite?

Please consider adding them to the wiki. 8)