Thanks to Atlas for setting up this Forum again!

Thank you so much for restoring this. It's vital to the community.

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It's so very nice to have this back. I was so worried that I'd never see all of the stuff here again.

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Thank you for bringing this back :slight_smile:

Oh gods, thanks.

I thought the end of 5th was hard, but losing the forums, now that was Winter.

Thank you very very much.

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Though I've been chatty in the Ars magica Discord, I really, really missed threading. Oh how I miss having threads.

As well having a forum back, recovering the old threads is awesome. They are an excellent resource and I missed them greatly. Thanks for putting the work in to get that done!

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I tried Discord, but rapidly stopped - I'm too old for that.

It seems Winter has turned to Second Spring?


If they publish something new... definitively second spring.

It's really great to see the goodwill & celebrations here, and I'm especially happy that so many years of PBP have been made accessible again. Thank you again Michelle for all your work in getting this up and running!



Agreed, thank you,

+100 :smiley:

I also support the general feeling. Thanks!

Ohh... I just discovered that the forum's back! And with all the old material, too.
Thank you so very much Atlas. It really adds a lot of value to the Ars Magica line.