Thanks to Atlas for setting up this Forum again!

I understand it was a lot of work! Important work, as it saved decades of discussions and contributions to Ars Magica.

Thanks a lot!


-Michelle Nephew


Yes, thank you so much. Forums are a lot of work, and many companies are moving away from them. But these forums have always been key to the Ars Magica community and Iā€™m very grateful to see their return!


Thank you indeed.

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Excellent news! Hi all!
(Though I am still confronting login problems.)

Ignes.Festivus is set up now. If anyone else has login problems, please email me at and we'll work it out.

-Michelle Nephew

I also really want to say thank you for bringing them back, I've missed having them around.

Yes, thank you all for reviving the forums. You can see how quickly the regulars are returning.

Yes, finally!
Glad to be back

Yes, thank-you for getting them up and running again. There's a lot of good stuff on them (including on a personal level the PbP saga I've been playing in for the last 8+ years).

All the Play by Post games were really painful to lose, I know. So glad they all imported reasonably well! :slight_smile:

Many Thanks!

This forum is a key meeting place for all the Ars Magica fans. I guess more than a few of use are heading to the patreon right now to help with our 12$. A real bargain!

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Thank you! We have nearly enough patrons to pay for our ongoing server costs now. Woot! But it took about $1000 in work time to launch Discourse and recover the old forum, and we know that a healthy forum means more staff hours replying to posts and taking care of technical issues. Your help is much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for their return.

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Oh I am so glad this is back. I missed you guys so much.


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That's amazing, let's gather our community again.

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It feels good to be back again.

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Good to be back, thanks team :hugs:

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Haven't posted in ages, but I am really glad this stays, because I visit often. :slight_smile:

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<--- Likes this thread. :wink: