The Apprentice

It does not look like I have any takers on being a parens for my apprentice so I guess I need to make another Jerbiton.

I was hoping to have completed at least a handful of years as an apprentice. Are there any guidelines I need to follow? Any other build or requirements/restrictions I should be aware of?

If you make an apprentice who is experienced you can either take 16 xp + 8 levels of spells per year, you can follow the guidelines from apprentices of 19 xp per year for 11 years then 40 levels of spells per year for 3 years, or you can take your training on the caravan where both teacher and apprentice will break down their time seasonally.

So my copy of apprentices just arrived today! Here is what I am thinking before I start crunching numbers. I would like to break down his apprentice years season by season and I was thinking about being about five years into apprenticeship. Would it appropriate to break down those five years with five seasons of one on one hermetic instruction (which will be reflected in my other character), 5 seasons of one on one instruction from a non-magi scribe grog, 5 seasons of book reading, and 5 seasons of exposure ?

If the student does seasonal advancement the teacher must as well. Which means the student will need to learn arts liberals and Latin before using books, will have to be available for the master's lab activities, etc.