The Bats of Mercille

I've done some web-searching, and can't seem to locate a downloadable version of this AM2 OOP module. Does anyone know of where it might be purchased?


Don't know if it was ever available as a download - do you have any specific reason to believe it was?

It's now a collector's item afaik - for a mere $20, it's yours in hardcopy. ... 71e8584b81

no reason. Just hoping. I'm writing an adventure with Giant Bats, and wanted to see what Mark Reinhagen's take was oh so many years ago....

Spoiler Alert

[color=yellow]The bats in this adventure were forest animals, farm animals and townspeople struck by a curse that changed them into bats.

The big bats had these stats (Provided in their first edition glory)

first strike -2
attack +6
Damage +10
Defence +8
with two wound levels -3 and incapacitated.

The bats made a horrible screeching noise that caused a terrible fear in the listeners, it forced cowardly personality rolls (in first ed personality traits only came in pairs) this was a magical effect with 25 penetration.

The friends and relatives of the people who had been transformed into bats often had dreams of their loved ones in pain, or dreams that they themselves have been transformed into monstrous bats.

Does that help at all?

Yup. Thanks!

(Out of curiousity, what caused the curse?)

My bats are the result of a botched muto magical experiment.

I'm open to any "special powers" these transformed bats would have.

I was thinking of some sort of sonic attack. Blood sucking is too cliche.

(FYI, the bats are a mcGuffin. There are real attacks going on in a village from a much more sinister source. The bats are just coincidence. I want the magi to take care of the bats, and then be confused when the attacks continue.)

More spoiler

[color=yellow]A trapped "old one" trying to take over the world (through bats!!).

Wow - back in 1st ed? Had no idea that was an old plot device - cool!

If they ever get it in, that is. I would be surprised if they do. I haven't seen one anywhere since I started looking in 98 or 99. As it is the only part of ArsMagica I don't own I have at times been prepared to pay several hundred dollars for a copy at ebay and other sites, but so far I have never gotten a chance to buy (or bid on) one.

wondering if breaking and entering at Erik's place could be the easiest way to get hold of a copy... :smiling_imp:

Actually, vampire bats linked to dracula is a more modern invention. Most bats eat fruits and insects and did in medieval Europe.

Vampire bats were learned about when exploration of the 'New World' began (there are three identified species of vampire bat and all are central and south america). The spaniards brought back the tales and they influenced thoughts and such.

Based on appearance, the european bats would be looked at as mice with wings or a weird bird (beastiary below puts them as a bird)

So a Sonic attack would be appropriate, perhaps flocking to strip graineries (off bird concept)

Uooooooo HITCHKOCK ATTACKS!!!! :laughing:


I'd be happy to part with my copy for LESS than the cost of round trip tickets from Norway (but not too much less).

Thanks for the link to the bestiary! I can't believe I've never seen that before!

I like the granery idea quite a bit. The characters will need to take care of this attack on the village's livelihood, rather than "saving the people from bloodthirsty bat attacks." This way it doesn't come off as a bad D&D adventure.

... that doesn't mean the bats won't defend themselves if cornered.... :smiling_imp:

could be a good adventure during the harvest time. They gather in the day's harvest and next morning it is gone, this goes on several days in a row.

The bats are swarming down at night to eat it all.

This is another one that screams "PDF download".


Super idea but I would not be at all surprised if there were complicated copyright issues involved, which would be hard to sort out as it is so old. If anyone can get the relevant permissions, I'd love to see this done.

Hmmm, I'll have to wait for the Summer Cheap Flights, then. I'm already tempted at the current prices (approximately 650 USD) but the last years I have been able to get a round-trip in summer for around 200 USD, far less than I would be willing to pay for the Bats :smiling_imp:

I guess I would also be interessted in a PDF, but I would still need a hardcopy of the original for the collection. :wink: