The Bell of Ibyn: What *is* it supposed to look like?

I ask because having got to the core of THE LOST COVENANT OF YOUKNOWHERE I tried to describe the damn thing to my players. And discovered that even if I read it out to them I couldn't make it clear to them. I believed (from the earlier edition that I read) that it was a Chinese temple bell but I couldn't get a clear picture of it in my mind or my players' minds from what's in the book.

Is there a picture anywhere on the web of what the authors had in mind?

No idea how it is really supposed to look like, but in our saga we simply defined it as a wide glass put upside down. Worked OK for us.



From the description I remember, it was like bell shaped from the sides, but from the bottom, it looked more like a eye. I will draw a picture and post it on my blog.
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I think it is suppsed to look like this:

Thanks. I think that might be how it was intended to look....

At least it's a possible, consistent explanation.

Any other offers?

I think hkdharmon is dead on. I came to exactly the same conclusion.


I've scanned the illustration from the 1990 book. PM me your email and I'll send you the scan. (there is no illustration of it in the 1988 version)

Well, I got the top wrong. :blush:

the illustration of the bell planned for the 5th Ed re-write of Calebias didn't make it into the book;
if I recall correctly, Hermes Portal 14 had an article by Erik Dahl expounding his thoughts about Calebais and re-writing it, and had the illustrations at full size, including cut ones.

Unfortunately, Hermes Portal is rather moribund at present...