The Blue Hour (<1220.1)

The call for applications to join the historic covenant of Insula Canaria, in the Scottish Highlands of Loch Leglean Tribunal, went out in mid-1217, a little over two years ago. Some correspondence would be with Eilid of Bjornaer, an Old maga who has spent practically all of her Hermetic life there.

The bulk of the correspondence would likely be with Boudicca of Bonisagus, a Young maga of the Trianoma tradition.

This is the thread for correspondence between magi and Boudicca and/or Eilid, and for any last-minute (non-chargen) questions.

A message arrives from Crun Clach via Redcap for Boudicca. The handwriting is bad and frequently wanders and is interrupted by doodles and drawings and words that are not Latin.

Greetings salutation gratitude,

Corvus is captivated mesmerize by the message letter statement that arrived for him this là cycle diurnal course!!! Corvus receives acquires gets so not many visits by Redcap teachtaire as not many few friends colleagues send to Corvus!!! Thus Corvus is enticed inspired spreag to respond with excitement joy áthas at the thought image of returning to the lands homes ground of his youth óige!!! Peragro parens Corvus study research muse at Crun Clach for a time eon as Caitlin Suil Uaines is friend comrade to pater Peragro.


Did you know realize that crows and ravens can learn to speak communicate converse Latin!!

[size=200]Corvus ex Merinita[/size]

What follows is a thoroughly incomprehensible page of notes that Boudicca guesses is about the technique Animal.

Hope will compose a reply

Most Wise Boudicca of Bonisagus,
I would be honored to join your covenant. With two fellow members of my house at my current covenant, both steeped in the Inner Mysteries of Jerkishness, and a short flight from my Mother my current situation is becoming increasingly annoying to deal with. I can assure you both myself and the Drake Tia, my familiar would make excellent additions to a covenant. I will be happy to spend a reasonable amount of time providing the benefits of my House's Outer Mystery to the covenant free of charge, assuming such items are not made for sale. I know that seems weird, but its a House Mystery thing. Selling stuff can turn us into massive jerks.

Can I assume the basic components for laboratory research will be provided? Also can I assume the materials and space needed will be provided to set up a lab, or access to an existing lab will be provided? Furthermore, would it be possible to have a sanctum with a room for servants, a basic kitchen, a lab and a personal bedroom? At a minimum I will need room and board for myself, Tia who is particularly voracious, basic cooking tools, and an elementary lab, with a supply of reagents, or the space and equipment to set up my own.

Tia says I'm not asking for nearly enough. She also demands sweets, but you can ignore that if you want.

Hope of Verditius

P.S. Burn this letter. My House gets cranky when details of their Mysteries get revealed, even when its minor unimportant details. Best not to leave this lying around.

Boudicca scowls at the letter as she tries to make sense of it. She wonders if another glass of wine would help. It doesn't. She then sets the letter aside to re-examine after a good night's sleep.

The next morning, she rereads the letter, then reaches for fresh parchment and a quill to compose her response.

[color=red][i]Greetings, Corvus.

Thank you for your enlightening letter regarding a return to the Highlands. I take it from your letter that you are from this area. If so, I hope that you see this as something of a homecoming for you. If not, I trust that you will soon come to see Insula Canaria as your home.

It will take a while for me to fully absorb your points on the form of Animal. I confess that they have given me much to think on.

I take it that the crows and ravens assisted in your composition of your letter? If so, they are also welcome to our covenant.

I eagerly await your reply.

Boudicca of Bonisagus[/i]

She sends it out with the Redcap the next day.

A letter from Corbin, follower of Merinitia to the Magi of Insula Canaria; particularly addressed for Boudicca of Bonisagus. Outer seal and addressing plainly identifies as such, delivered via redcap.

"Greeting to the Magi of Insula Canaria,

I would be honoured to visit Insula Canaria, and request that this letter initiates my formal request to join the covenant.

I hope to discover if we may welcome each other as comrades and fellow members of the covenant.

As I already reside in Loch Leglean the trip will be short and I enjoy travelling amongst the common folk; with your blessing I will leave shortly for the covenant. Please advise if you require recommendation or reference, as the tribunal Quaesitor and my parents can confirm my good standing.

In friendship,

The letter from Angus comes not from Angus himself, but from Virtuo of Guernicus.

"Dear Magi of Insula Canaria,
I have been charged with investigating the death of Nocturnus ex Tytalus, who was murdered in his sleep. My investigation has indicated the likely culprit to be his apprentice, Angus. Normally of course this would be considered a high crime in depriving a magus of their power, along with their life, but in the case of House Tytalus it is considered to be passing the gauntlet. My information suggests he may be fleeing to your covenant in hopes of refuge. If he should arrive there please inform him that he is not being hunted and has in fact passed his gauntlet. He may or may not have brought along Nocturnus' lab assistant and failed apprentice, by the name of Arthur, who is also missing, but not of interest to this investigation."

Corbin receives a reply in short order (i.e. in the next regular Redcap delivery) from Insula Canaria.

Once she's composed her reply and sealed the letter, Boudicca holds Hope's letter as she casts a Creo Ignem spell, smiling as the letter bursts into golden flames before its ashes drift to the floor.

This short note arrives in the fall of 1219. The words are engraved in the surface of a cylindrical section of bleached bone. The script is delicate and embellished with stylized animals.

Esteemed Magi,
I have read of your call for new members, and would offer myself as candidate. I am in search of a new home, having lived for several years outside a covenant. My life among mundanes has left me isolated from the Order, and I wish to remedy that. My services would be yours in return.

Laerleggr ex Verditius

Boudicca studies the rather unusually-scribed missive for a while, then grabs a more conventional parchment.

A simple message arrives via Redcap from a small covenant far to the north addressed to the covenant in general (word not having reached Gavin of who to communicate with).

[i]To the Magi of Insula Canaria:

I was pleased to hear the news that the covenant of Insula Canaria was looking to recruit new magi. I find myself quite interested in the possibility of becoming a part of such a storied covenant.

To that end, I wish to formally present myself as a canditate for admission. I stand ready for consideration at whatever time and place you would find most convenient, and do hope that you will find me suitable. I should be happy to provide you with a resume of my research if you desire, and have several elder magi who would be willing to speak for me.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours most reverently,
Gavin ex Miscellanea[/i]

Maga Boudicca of Bonisagus,

I am honored by your most gracious offer to join your covenant. The Tribunal seems in need of a Gifted Mercere. I also have personal interest in moving north, to the edge of Europe. So I would like to be able to accept this offer. Of course, I would be bringing my family and familiar with me, as well as a nursemaid for my youngest two children. My eldest daughter may well help the covenant as well, as she has expressed interest and has some understanding of Bonisagus's theories. I would like to understand the flexibility of laboratories available, preferably being able to create one of my own design on site, as Günther, my familiar, is rather large and needs significant space within the lab. Should we find each others' terms acceptable, my family and I could fly there in little time.

Beatrix ex Mercere

The response comes relatively quickly.

[i][color=red]Greetings, sodalis.

I am delighted to hear that you are taking an interest in joining our Covenant, and look forward to meeting you at your convenience. We do not have a particular time-frame for when we want new members to join, but Insula Canaria's Council Meetings are the day before the solstices and equinoxes. If you could arrive at least a few days before one of our meetings to give us time to meet you before you present yourself formally for membership, that would be appreciated.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our Covenant.

Yours in service,

Boudicca of Bonisagus[/i]

[color=red][i]Greetings, Beatrix.

You are correct that Loch Leglean does not have any Gifted Mercere. My understanding is that Gifted Mercere are very few in number, and that there are one or two other Tribunals in the same situation. We would be honoured to be one of the few Covenants in all the world to be home to a Gifted Mercere.

We should be able to accommodate your needs with regards to a sanctum and laboratory of a proper size for you and your familiar to work in. We will also be happy to welcome your family. In fact, I would imagine Elid would like to examine your eldest if she is indeed interested in working in an Hermetic laboratory and is not being groomed for life as a Mercere.

We eagerly anticipate your arrival at Insula Canaria.

Yours in service,

Boudicca of Bonisagus[/i]

A young woman in her twenties comes to the gates of the covenant one day and delivers a letter on folded parchment addressed to the leaders of the outpost. It is written in Latin in a fairly neat, but feminine, hand. She asks that it be delivered to the leaders of the outpost.

[i]To the Leaders of the Magical Outpost on Loch Ness:


I have come to know your outpost from afar and believe that I may be of some help to you. I am a healer by trade, and given the large number of people that live in and around your community, I have to believe that you might be able to put my services to use. I currently reside outside of one of the nearby villages, but I feel drawn to do something greater than tend the injuries of shepherds and the ills of the children in my village. I believe that your outpost could provide me with that opportunity.

As you can see, I know how to read and write, and I have been taught the ways of chirurgy and some medicine. I believe that we could be very good for each other.

If you are interested in what I have to offer, I shall appear at your gates on Saturday next and be willing to speak with you. I hope to find you there and willing to talk.

Your servant,