The book of names

For those wanting a character, list the character names here with a brief description from which the character creation thread can be spawned.

Plasmatoris of Jerbiton, an Artist in the Societates of Jerbiton, incredibly bad at spontaneous magic.

Argentius ex Verditius, an ambitious and arrogant magus and goldsmith, determined to re-discover the inner mysteries that led to the creation of the fabled Rings of Verditius under the tutelage of Wayland Smith.

Silas Ex Verditius
Part of the confraternity of Himinis the Mad and a paranoid and secretive magus, his unpleasantness is only increased by the fact that he suffers from leprosy. He aims to create a truly impregnable laboratory and covenant, all while perfecting his craft of carpentry and subduing the effect of his disease.

Tastheus ex Tytalus, an ambitious social schemer with a taste for Perdo Magic.

Aetherius ex Mercere - a member of the Societas Merceris of the Milvi Antiquiti with an interest in recovering knowledge of the ancient world.

Puella ex Miscellanea

Puella is a maga who comes from a line of shapeshifters. When her arts where opened, something went wrong, which means her human body will forever be the one of a tooth gap-toothed 7-year-old girl.

She likes roaming outdoors in one of her non-human forms and has a soft spot for children.

Sery ex-Tremere.

A "noncombattant" maga from the Tremere House. Her flaw leads her to the way of the healing and warding. Her insterests are mainly on the different ways to heal and protect people.

New mages are not able to join at this time- Arab companions re a possibility, additionally as the title suggests a desired character's name is required.

"sery" was a name, no ? :slight_smile:

hum... an Arab companion... :thinking: Some preferences about kind of skill ? (scouting, lab assistant, warrior, ...)

Well the situation is that they were outside the covenant at the time of the event, so it would need to be someone who would travel on behalf of the covenant, probably educated and potentially some form of merchant, diplomat, or agent.

Samira El-Idna

An educated lady, around 45 years old. She was married by force to an old and sick merchant when she was very young. After the death of her husband, she took for her his trading road. Her story lead her a long time ago to the covenent. On first time, she worked just as contact until a member discovers her magical sensibility and made her a companion.

Remember that this will be someone who is already long established a a companion in the covenant, even if teh payer characters don't remember them- the background should be attached to the covenant, not just a random person who will join.

Not an issue with this background, she just will be less young. I edited to correct and adapt the idea.

A Tuareg woman, she was raised at home, and was found to have a talent for languages from a young age. But her life turned upside down, when a Settuten discovered that, while she doesn't have the Gift, she has Magic Sensitivity, and the ability to learn Divination, and Dislocation, and took her as an apprentice.
She has rebelled, somewhat, against her tradition, as she wishes to see places beyond the Desert. In her travels, she has met the Magi of our covenant, who helped her expose a plot of Sahir to strike at the Tuareg People. She has since joined forces with them, and is a sort of liasion between them and the Tuareg.
This affords her a chance to travel, while keeping ties to her people, though it has made other Settuten not very eager to Initiate her into the other mysteries of the Tradition.

Khufu Al Alqazar

An active and ambitious member of the Al-Majalibeen, The Seekers' Guild, Khufu Al Alqazar carries on the tradition of his forefathers: the exploration and occasional recovery of ancient treasure and artifacts. Born and raised in and around Cairo, Khufu has grown up around the Guild, gaining skills and contacts to support his ambitions.

Khufu's father and grandfather became increasingly disillusioned with the prospects of finding great secrets and treasures in the core tombs of Egypt and guided Khufu's early training toward searching further west into the Maghreb. Khufu learned languages, desert survival skills, and combat skills.

Now at nearly 30 years old, Khufu seeks to make connections with the "right" people to further his goals as a Seeker.