The Cast

Where I will list the players and their characters.

Storyguide: Arthur

  • Bernhard the Redcap: The one who initially discovered the vis source on Helgeland.

Player: Wits

  • Prochorus ex Miscellanea: Born in Pomerania and part of a tradition of sages and poem-singers. A mind-control specialist and a shapeshifter.
  • Alruna (shield grog): Daugther of a grog from Oculus Septentrionalis, she is very perceptive and has keen sight. She often draws attention because of her baldness, but is a compassionate soul he tries to help others.
  • Dietlinde: An obese lowborn woman born near L├╝beck, who was led to magi by visions of destiny. She offered her services to Prochorus for the same reason. Her loose lips sometimes lead to trouble, but for the most part she uses them for her master's benefit. She has a knack for finding things using her metal pendulum. Although she talks back to Prochorus and insults him often, she is loyal to him.

Player: Bearlord

  • Japik Dolfinus of Bjornaer: A native Frisian who discovered his heartbeast was a dolphin, even though he has trouble with Aquam. An Imaginem specialist. His mater, who has a heron heartbeast, has moved to the Novgorod Tribunal.
  • Fischer, the magical otter: Magical animal companion.
  • Hjalmar Torstensen (shield grog): The son of a Danish fisherman, he was the sole survivor of a storm and was rescued by Crintera where he lived for a while. He doesn't speak well and Yulia was one of the few who can decipher his speach. The were recently married and decided to serve Japik.
  • Yulia: Yulia belongs to the Swan clan of Crintera and the daughter of a prominent blacksmith. A large stocky woman, she is fat but muscular as well, and can make people uncomfortable by simply staring at them. She is married to Hjalmar and joined him to live with Japik.
  • Trond: The Norwegian son of a ship's captain, rescued by Japik after a storm. The captain of the knarr (called Baltrum).
  • Mikolaj: A young Polish fisherman rescued by Japik. Crew of the Baltrum.
  • Stanislawj: A young Polish fisherman rescued by Japik. Crew of the Baltrum.
  • Fearghas: An older Scottish merchant rescued by Japik. Crew of the Baltrum.

Player: JoelHalpern

  • Herman of Bonisagus: An Intellego specialist interested in understanding Faerie.
  • Wolfred (shield grog): A former mercenary who protects Herman.
  • Tristan: A small-framed orphan who became Herman's manservant.


  • Louke: One of the village elders, member of the council of elders. Their usual spokesman.
  • Imma: One of the village elders, member of the council of elders. She has never spoken in the magi's presence, just kept spinning wool.
  • Kleis: An older shepherd from the Oberland, who keeps his small flock close to the covenant. He talked a bit with Bernhard over the years, and is curious about the newcomers.
  • Maike: A crazy woman who walks the plateau all day long, muttering to herself.

Other NPCs:

  • Lord Knud: The Danish lord who rules the island in the name of King Valdemar. It is said that he is a distant relative of the King.
  • Dibbelt: One of the contacts that Bernhard introduced to the magi. A fisherman who occasionally serves as a pilot for merchant ships. He has a wife (Hielke), two girls (Frida who is 12 and Pimke who is 11) and a boy (Wiegert who is 7).
  • Richold: One of the contacts that Bernhard introduced to the magi. A grain merchant who is from Helgeland and often visits because he has family there. Widowed and without children, but still young enough to remarry.
  • Taede: A merchant involved in the copper mining business, who brings in tools and supplies for the miners and send out the copper they produce.

Player: Halancar (no longer active)

  • Pytheas ex Tytalus: Raised in Fudarus (Domus Magna of House Tytalus), he is estranged from his pater because he supports Harpax as a Primus instead of Bulliste. An elementalist (particularly Aquam) who wishes to explore the bottom of the ocean. Has a Blatant Gift.
  • Morlaer (shield grog): A repented pirate who fears magi. He serves them because he fears what they could do to him if he fled or acted against them. Slightly warped from his time at Fudarus.
  • Benarec: Retired sailor now acting as servant and mentor to Pytheas. Disrespectful but knows a font of practical knowledge. Cannot see people wearing mostly green or mostly purple.

Player: Xavi (no longer active)

  • Quercus Rector of Tytalus: Filius of an outspoken magus, who advocates change towards a more open and accommodating Order. An Herbam specialist (particularly oak) who wants to build ships. Can skinchange into a sparrowhawk.
  • Fresse Aiken (shield grog): A cousin of Quercus, also a sparrowhawk skinchanger, whose favorite weapon is a staff.
  • Alice of Triamore (servant): A housemaid, daugther of Triamore's grog captain. She fell in love with Fresse while he and his magus were visiting Triamore.

Player: Trogdor (missing in action before starting play)

  • Konrad ex Bonisagus:
  • Heinrich (shield grog):
  • Reginald the Valet:

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