The Champions Portion/Aura of Ennobled Presence

From Tales of Mythic Europe the Champions Portion says that "Three times a day the wearer can cast an enhanced version of Aura of Ennobled Presence(ArM5, page 145), which has a Range of Voice and a Target of Group, augmented to include 100 individuals." But I'm not sure what this means.

As far as I can see Aura of Ennobled presence makes the target better able to lead people, so this enhanced version would make a whole bunch of people better able to lead people? That doesn't seem to be the spirit of the item which seems designed to make the wearer a better leader.

If I'm write and this is not working as intended how would you change things?

I'd change it to the similarly titled Aura of rightful authority p151. Then it would make sense.

That seems reasonable ... would you suggest it as errata?