The Contested Isle: Hibernian Tribunal Table of Contents!

Hey folks,

The Table of Contents for the next great Ars Magica Tribunal book, The Contested Isle, has been uploaded to our site and may be previewed by clicking the link at the book's product page. As always, we post this in advance of sending the book off to press on the off-chance that there are any errors that eagle-eyed fans might spot. Sláinte!

Ahh I was just wondering when we'd be seeing that! :smiley:

Go raibh maith agat! This looks marvelous! :smiley:

You can come buy two of the authors drinks at Grand Tribunal UK :slight_smile: Sadly this is one project we won't be able to discuss as it will hit the shops after the Con!
cj x

Can we at least read out the table of contents in a deliberately slow and knowing way?

...I'm so getting a copy of this one!

This makes you a good person.

It is nice to know that I am a good person as well, then :mrgreen:

This is a Tribunalbook I will lay my hands on as soon as it comes to my local game store. It sounds really interesting and has fun plot twists.

For what it is worth, my new Saga -- in which a few long time posters and AM authors play -- currently concerns apprentices in the Alps with the explicit intent of, upon Gauntlet, shipping out for Hibernia.

So I'm looking forward to the book, and it should definitely get some actual play.

"Chapter one: Introduction - he said knowingly. Nudge, nudge, wink-wink, say no more!" Is that it?
Even if you can't get Eric Idle to read it out loud this way I may buy the authors a pint at Grand Tribunal anyway, because this book is eagerly expected.

I fully endorse this course of action.

I hereby grant you permission to talk about this book at Grand Tribunal.

But don't post the contents of the discussion on the net until the book hits the shops... :wink:

And there was much rejoicing..."Yay!"

Thanks very much. And did I read that those going to Gen-Con might also be able to get a sneak peak?

Now I'm even more upset I won't be going :frowning:

Looking forward to this book. Already planning on starting a saga in this tribunal in October.

Also looking forward to the reveal what the next book after this one is gonna be. :wink:

We did indeed have a print-out of the book in a binder at Gen Con this past week to show off to ArM fans. I had one person say it's the Tribunal book they've been waiting for since ArM5 debuted, so that's a plus!

The playtest draft I saw was pretty great and I can only imagine it has improved since then. :smiley: Did Atlas otherwise put in a good showing at the Convention?

I know whats in it! And I'm not under any gag order.

I was at Gen Con and had a good read through of The Contested Isle. I concentrated on the write ups of the various covenants. There are some very interesting variations to Wizard Wars. I found it challenges our assumptions of what is in the Code and what is just custom.

It looks really fun.