The covenant itself

Hot, dry, surrounded by mountains, hard black stone ground.

As with the character creation threads development of the covenant will be discussed here, with the first post reserved from its current publicly known characteristics.
Given the nature of the covenant its beginning nature will to a degree follow the development of the characters.

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Since it seems the strong implications are that the magi have been in this covenant a while, should we be asking/suggesting things we think our characters would have done here?

No, this thread will see more use as you explore and develop teh covenant after the game begins

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Technically not an aspect of the covenant itself, this does relate- a personal vis source is worth 6 pawns of vis/yr.

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I'm putting the books in here to spare me trouble - Silveroak can add them to the first post at his leisure:

The selection of books for each art is small, likely to save space, a quick inventory has a single summae for Creo at level 15, quality15, Intellego is level 18 and quality 12, Muto L:14 Q:16, Perdo: Level 20 Quality:11, Rego: Level 18 Q:13, 6 tractatus Q:13, 11,11,11, 10,10, Animal: L:19 Q:11, Aq: L:13 Q:10, Au: L:10 Q:12, Co: L:16 Q:14, He: L:10 Q:12, Ig: L:10 Q:12, Imaginem: L:12 Q:13 Tractatus Q:13, Mentem: L:13 Q:12 Tractatus Q:12, Ter: Level 19, Q:12, 5 tractatus Q:13, 11, 11, 10, 8, Vim: Level 20, Q:11 L:16 Q:15, 6 tractatus Q:14, 12, 11,11,11, 10
Parma Magica level:5 Q:20, Magic theory: Level 8 Q:11, a second summa at Level 6:Q:16, 3 q:11 tractatus, and lab texts for Room for preserving documents (lesser enchantment) CrAn:14, Aegis of the Hearth:level 50, Wizard’s Vigil: level 25, Avariciousness of the Ptolemies(ReAn:4), The viper’s register (MuAn:35), Attachment of the viper’s register (ReAn:2). You alos notice that every book has a silk ribbon running through it to be used as a placeholder that is sewn into the spine.

Zarkut finds a two-way primer, It can be read as being an Arabic text for Latin or a Latin text for arabic. Either way it is level 3 Q:26. There are similar texts for Berber and Franco-Provençal. Each also has a text at Level:4 Q:23 written the same way.


It has also been noted that every room that contains books contains a wooden basket of the exact same style, whether library or lab.

A sacrificial anode to protect books from the aura?