The Covenant Proper

The Unnamed Covenant

Location: Cornwall
Type: Spring
Number of Magi: 5
Aging Roll: Magi +2, Mundanes +1
Income: 1 Typical, 100 pounds per year, Shepherding + 1 Typical (Minor Boon Secondary Income), 100 pounds per year, stipend from Tribunal plus profits from Hermetic Fair

Boons: 13 total
Aura Minor x2 (Magic Aura +5)
Healthy Feature (Standing Stones of Men At Tol) Minor +1 Aging Rolls
Major Fortification (Magic Fortress)
Hidden Resources (Minor, undiscovered, a PC or PCs can design this Boon)
Secondary Income (Minor, Silver, Allowance and Hermetic Fair profits)
Strong Community (Minor, Covenfolk. This is not the Loyal Boon, the covenfolk are loyal to the clan McArdry more than the Covenant, but they are hard to infiltrate or tempt)
Dedicated Covenant (Major)
Hidden Ways (Minor)

Hooks: 13 total
Monster (Major)
Castle (Major, represents the closeness to the castle and city of Launceston)
Outbuildings (Minor, represents the houses and structures above ground where most of the Clan will likely live)
Indebted (Minor, SIlver)
Dark Secret (Minor, residents/covenfolk)
Refugee (Minor, Dermot McArdry)
Ceremonies (Major, External Relations, hosting a yearly Hermetic Fair)

Build Points: 400
Vis stocks: 53 points
Vis Sources: 200
Books: 83
Spells: 23
Silver Stores: 4 points
Magic Items: 22
Specialists: 15 points


Vis Stocks: (in the form of clay disks with the hand symbol of the Art stamped on one side, provided by House Mercere and gifts from Agitatus and Maximianus)
Cr 20
In 20
Mu 20
Pe 20
Re 20
An 15
Aq 15
Au 15
Co 20
He 15
Ig 15
Im 15
Me 15
Te 20
Vi 20

Vis Sources: (some gathered, some given by the Tribunal)
Cr 10 (from the standing stone, water gathering in pits of the stone, 3 gathered in Spring)
Re 5 (Tribunal allowance, Clay disks, delivered in Spring)
An 5
Co 5
He 5
Me 4
Vi 6 (Tribunal allowance, Clay disks, delivered in Spring)

On elementals and the elements. Connections and differences. Vol. 1, by Felix Ex Bonisagus, Magic lore tractati Q10
On elementals and the elements. Connections and differences. Vol. 2, by Felix Ex Bonisagus, Muto tractati Q10
On elementals and the elements. Connections and differences. Vol. 4, by Felix Ex Bonisagus, Aquam tractati Q10
Hermetic creation and it’s limitations, by Iovis Ex Bonisagus, Creo summae Lv. 10 Q10.
The fault and errors in Hermetic creation and it’s limitations, by Bonifatius Ex Bonisagus, Creo tractati Q 11
Why ask when you can know?, by Orlandus Ex Guericus, Intellego tractati, Q11
Might over mind, by Naso ex Jerbiton, Mentem tractai Q 11
Script on the Walls by Maxximianus ex Bonisagus, Magic Theory Summae, L10 Q5

Spells: Points cost listed here in the order as they appear 12+3+2+2+2+2=23pts
Casting tablet of Aegis of the Hearth Lv 30
Lamp without flame (modified for sun duration) Lv 15 If used in a lab regularly it will give the magical light virtue and either -1 to safety or +1 to warping (this is the disadvantage stated in covenants for spell casting on a regular basis in a lab)
Breeze of warmth, CrAu(Ig) Base level 1 +1 Touch +2 Sun duration +1 Indoors +1 Ignem; Total level 10. Creates a warm breeze in a chamber of sun duration. If used in a lab regularly it will give the magical heat virtue and either -1 to safety or +1 to warping (this is the disadvantage stated in covenants for spell casting on a regular basis in a lab)
Sorcerer’s bolt of flame CrIg lv. 10 (Net wizards grimoire)
CrIg 10
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
A bolt of fire shoots forth from the casters hand, doing +5 damage o the individual it hits.
(B:4, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual)

Flare bit CrAu(Ig) lv. 10 (Net wizards grimoire)
[i]CrAu(Ig) 10
R: Voice D: Momentary T: Individual

Fills an area with puffs of thick, black smoke, which appear with a loud report and a flash of light, sufficient enough to be distracting (and requiring the appropriate concentration roll). It blocks vision for a moment, making activities requiring such difficult at best. The smoke starts forming around the center of the area, working it's way to the edges[/i]

40 pounds of silver

Magic Items:
St. George's Lance 12 points
[i]A wand that casts a version of Demon's Eternal Oblivion that works on creatures with Magic Might, reducing their Might in the same way. If it Penetrates the target loses 15 Might.
Range: Voice Duration: Momentary Target Individual

Base level 5 (Pe Vi), V+2, 3 uses per day (+2) +26 Penetration (+13) total 30[/i]

Ring of Aesculapius 10 points
[i]Provides the wearer with a +12 Recovery bonus that must be activated each Sunrise and Sunset so as to avoid Warping the wearer when it's not needed, Magi typically activate it right before raising their Parma.

Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: Individual

Base 5 (Cr Co), T+1, D+2, 2 uses per day (+1) Total 21[/i]

Specialists: (brought from Agitatus's party)
Teacher: 10 points (+2 Com, +4 Teach, +4 Highest Ability) pick the Martial Abilities you want him to teach, max 2.
Autocrat (Steward and Chamberlain): 5 Points (Profession: Autocrat 5)

Located roughly 10 miles West and a few miles South of the Castle Launceston and its nearby town and port lies the newly established Covenant. A tower has been sunk beneath its rolling hills and green grasses, where a cabal of wizards will host Faire's for their fellow wizards. To reach it one should follow the road leading West of Launceston and at a discreet point, leave the road to turn North. There can be seen the camp that was hastily built as the displaced Scottish Clan McArdry is setting up its own home. An even more discreet path can be followed by leaving the road just out of sight of Launceston's towers and entering the peat filled bogs and marshes; the run off from briny rivers and streams, just north of the hills that the Covenant lies beneath. The journey is longer this way, but virtually unfollowable by horse and hide those within even from a high distance due to the cover of dense Weeping Willows that have grown next to the smelly bogs.

To the South of the Covenant a few miles is the road from Launceston that travels further West, it is used and maintained by the King's armies to watch for uprising, as well as landing armies. The French as well as Irish raiders have often staged their invasions in the South of England. To the East of the hills lie a small copse of trees, ideal for lumber, if you dare plunder the King's bounty. To the West though is an actual forest, small compared to some on the British Isles, but of use to those who would dare it. Further West, either by road, through the forest, or even the bogs one can find the mystical standing stones known as Men-an-Tol. The stones appear to be rings stood up, and legend tells that they can provide miraculous cures and aid in childbirth. To the East and a bit South lies the other standing stones, large sheets of rock formed almost to look like a kind of crude structure. Legends say that a powerful Faerie Lord or Spirit uses the stones as his house.