The crafting of automata: Why bother?


Perhaps one could teach the automata magic theory and use it as an laboratory assistant. Perhaps not as cheap as hiring a servant with good intelligence and letting the servant learn magic theory to function as a lab assistant. I am not entirely sure if an ungifted person (pr thing) can learn and use magic theory in a creative way. But if they could it would certainly be a good use. Non the less, the lab gets more impressive if you have an automata working there. If you could teach it finesse you could have it perform craft magic with an magic item. This is perhaps most useful if your covenant is short of grogs or space.


Nice idea but it doesn't fit with my reading of the section. I think the most you could squeeze out of the rules is a forge companion/servant but in all honesty, a grog would be cheaper to buy and maintain.

This might be a stupid question, but what books cover theese things?

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults

The Verditius Chapter

Ok thank you for the information. I did not know the book was out. I need to visit my game store more often. I have been looking for this one. It have Criamon in it right. That is my favorite House.

It surely does have criamon! And Bjornaer, Merinitae and Verditius. And plenty of new treats!

I've always been a staunch supporter of my local store but after a shift in ownership I'm sad to say that I've had to order directly from Atlas/Warehouse 22 to get my Ars fix.

I often use the gamestore Outlands, the one n Bergen is rather good and have most of the books I want.


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A few rather exciting recipies there i must say.



Perhaps you could count the automata as the following lab improvements but taken as a free choice unless its huge. If you enchant it so it can move and assist you with manual labour in the lab and defend you if needed.

· Minor feature statue, +1 rego, +1 aesthetics.
· Lesser guardian, + 1 safety, +1 aesthetics, +1 in appropriate art (suggestion same form as material of automata.
· The tireless servant, +1 safety, +1 general quality.

This means a total of +1 in rego and say terram or herbam, +2 in safety and aesthetics and a +1 bonus to general quality. Perhaps a weak return for the trouble and costs of making an automata but at least something.

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