The Cult of Memory (The Peripheral Code #3)

Has anyone tried using this? I wrote it many years ago and submitted it to PC, but I've been away from Ars for a while.
Did anyone spot any major flaws in it? Or have to make any House Rules?

The Cult of Knowledge, page 7 you mean?

I looked at it and thought about it extensively since mind magic and mental constructs is my current characters area of focus. However the combined cost in time (between gaining the Virtues and the actual enchantment) along with needing to work with the other players lead me down a different path. It was an interesting read however.

I went through a few names back then, I can't remember which one I submitted it under.

I wanted to create a teacher who could turn a gifted peasant into a magus (given enough time). Some of the ideas I wrote down had major problems (e.g. The Living Talisman), and I saw this referenced in another post, so I just wanted to check if anyone had used it and discovered any major problems with it.

I think if i was to use the virtues i would cut the vis cost in half.. does anyone think thats good, or does it cut it too much?