The custom tailored spell

The recent discussion on Rego Corpus teleportation made me think of something that probably best fits a new thread.
Powerful mystical effects (indicatively 6th magnitude or higher) subject the target to an extra point of Warping when cast, unless the target coincides with the caster or the effect is specifically and carefully designed to work on them.

I was wondering: could MuVi be used to "tailor" an effect to the target so that the extra point of Warping is avoided?
I guess it would count as "Superficially changing the spell" since it does not "change the primary effect of the spell, or its power". Though perhaps extra magnitudes should be added for complexity...

Clever idea actually, I could live with that.

I would say yes, and probably yes.

I would say "yes", but you would need to have a different MuVi spell for each target you want to affect. The spell that makes leap of homecoming AND Shape of the woodland prowler inoffensive for Paul the Grog is not the same spell that makes those 2 spells inoffensive for Richard the clerk. So, I would say that the MuVi needs to be tailor-made since it needs to be able to shape the other spells to fit an intrinsic element (the "ADN"", to use a modern term) included in the MuVi spell.


Viva spontaneous MuVi magic :smiley:

I said that in other thread. But one thing Xavi, you can create a Muto Vim Spell that leave you increase anothers level, Range, duration or Target, but you don't need a version to those possible, you need a version by lvel, another for duration and so for; and to any level of spell affeted or less and to those Form.
Then with that i say that you need a Arcane Conection, be studied the desired target and/or be present.