The Daedalus (Project)

Hi folks

I opened this thread for many reasons: I my saga I plan an expedition starting in the Rhine Tribunal with a flying ship, visiting and researching the lands of iceland, greenland and finaly the north pole to search for new vis sources, citys and secrets of the ancients, the Order of Odin, new hedge magics (in order to see if someone should join or die or simply in order to learn from them), maical beasts to hunt, powerful magical auras for new covenants and something like this.

The PCs decided to join this expedition (I mentioned this expedition plan once at the Grand Treibunal and they were fire and flame for it) so I have to work out some details. And I was hoping for some help from you. Sadly I dont posses anys sourcebook about iceland (but I have the free addon with the war against iceland) so there are no official sources in my hands.

First I want to show you my thoughts about the flying base of the expedition: the Daedalus. Then I want to ask you for story ideas, problems, rewards, cool vis sources that fit into these lands and pherhaps you have some good links to the real mytsics of iceland, greenland and the northpole.

The Daedalus

The Daedalus is a huge hanseatic cog with enough place for 25 man and 8 small laboratories (most of the place for goods was changed into labspace, a lab is 552 paces big and so it have the Elementary Flaw from the laboratory chapter in Covenants). There is a living and sleeping room for the grogs, a kitchen, a room for the specialists, the magi sleeps in their labs, some place for food and water, a cage for magical beasts and some other rooms like the enjoing room. In the room of Archmaga Maria ex Bonisagus, the leader of this expedition, is a hidden chamber with the item that makes the Daedalus magical: a miniature of gold, covered with gems, the sails made of feathers and the sail out of real sail.
Effects instilled in the miniature ship:

Rise of the Deadalus(ReHe55, Sun, Structure, Touch, Base 10 (make a plant product move without requring your control), +1 size, +1 for additional weight, +2 levels for 2 uses/day, +3 levels for environmental trigger)
With this spell the ship can fly in the air and can move in every direction at a speed of 3 miles per hour, it can only move faster with the use of the winds and the sails. It can carry its own weight and several tons of load. The one who touches the ship can control the flight.

Unbreakable Will(MuHeTe35, Touch, Structure, Sun, Base 4, Size +1, +1 low weight, 2 levels for 2 uses/day, +3 levels for environmental trigger)
This spell makes the wood of the deadalus as hard as metal but its weight only increases a bit. Note that only the part of the ship are changed that are made of wood: the sails, the ropes and even the wooden parts that arent in direct contact with the ship like furnitures or doors arent changed.

Deadalus Wisdom(InIm40, Touch, Sun, Vision, Base 1, +10 levels unlimited uses)
The one who stands right in front of the miniature ship can now use its eyes as if he were at some point outside the ship. So he can controll the move of the ship without leaving the secret chamber.

Quiet the Raging Winds(PeAu 30, Touch, Mom, Group, Base 5, +10 levels for unlimited uses)
This spell calms the winds around the ship like the original spell Quiet the Raging Winds.

Winds of Fortune(CrReAu30, Touch, Concentration, Individual, Base 5, +1 Rego req, +5 levels for allowing the device to hold concentration, +5 levels for 24 uses per day)
Like the spell Wings of the Soaring Wind these spell creates winds that can be controlled a bit by the user of the item. This spell only works in the sky so no magnitudes for unnatural phenomena are added. With this spell the Daedalus can move up to 40 miles per hour.

Another three items are used in the ship:

Room of good Recovery(CrCo30, Touch, Room, Sun, Base 5, +2 levels for 2 uses per day, +3 levels environmental trigger)
The item is a tiny silver scarab that can be placed in any room in the ship. While it is in tha room all people get a +12 on their recovery rolls. Mostly it is placed in the room of the normal grogs.

The Vitalizer of Provisions(CrAnAqHe 19, Touch, Sun, Room, constant effect)
The item is an apple made of glas that enchants a room in a way that food or water stored in it will be fresh and good forever.

Room of Enjoing (CrIm30, Touch, Individual, Concentration, Base 3, +1 for moving images, +1 for good looking images +5 levels device can hold concentartion, +10 levels ulimited uses per day)
The greate sphere out of glas can create sounds, images and smells that are harmonic, friendly, enjoing and good for someone who simply wants to relax.

Inside the ship there are many magical ring lightsources created without vis.
An Aegis of the Heart at a high level will be cast on the ship before the expedition will start.

One thing that is a problem is the heating: in such a cold clima a magical heating would be good, but this would result in a high penetration in order to heat even the magi with a resistance of 50. Any help from you for this?

Or are there ideas for other useful items? [/img][/url]

Wow, that sounds like a fun saga!

I'm in a time crunch so I will only ask at this time if you can cast the Aegis on a mobile item (such as a ship) and carry it with you.

I seem to remember a few arguments about this concerning something cast with "Ring" on a ship perhaps not working.

Anways, very cool. Good job.

Why would that be a problem? Couldn't you just heat the air which inturn heats every thing else?

I'd love to be a little birdy watching as the ship sails into a "magical dead zone" and the magi now have to scramble about and learn to actually sail the ship to get out if they cant discover the source

Luckily the Aegis have a Boundary target. :wink:
In the official ... icWars.pdf Icelandic Wars the magi casts Aegis Rituals on their ships (which arent flying) too. Ok this is 4th edition and not 5th but this should do it too.

The problem is if the magicaly heated air would affect the magi, they should be able to breath it but it would be still at the normal temperature I think. I could make such a spell invested in the miniature ship:
Like a Dragons Body (CrIg52, Touch, Structure, Sun, base 2 +5 levels for a constant effect, +26 levels for a penetration of 52)
This spell heats the whole ship as if it is a warm summer day.
Ok this could workif the Archmage of Ignem who creates this device is not on board or pherhaps he have to cast this spell on himself.
Or everyone should learn the spell.
Veins of Dragon Blood (CrIg5, Touch, Sun, Individual, base 2)
This spell heatens the target as if it is a warm summer day.
Phehaps this is better... a lvl 5 spell could be learned from a lab text in 1/10 of a season. Or if it is cast only on the magus the casting total of 20 for a secure spont casting should be achieved.

Check out books on Iceland by Jesse Byock.

I guess I view it similar to a mutoterrum to soften stone and then a sculpter forming it. When the "softness" wears off it remains in the shape it was moved to.
The creoignem heats the air, pile of rocks what ever ye like, that can inturn warm other things as a side effect.

are there any "magical dead zones" in Mythic Europe (other than those created unfairly to trap this particular ship, post facto)?

Presumably there are no post-facto dead-magic zones ,
but there are Dominion & Infernal Auras ,
which may be hazardous to navigation.

Can Creo Magics be used to permanently preserve food and drink?
(they stay fresh inside the container , but should "age" when they are removed)

As the ship is airbourne , presumably there is less wear and tear than on an ocean-going vessel.
Making the wood of the ship harder is not always an advantage.
There are times when you want the wood to give way , so only a small section is damaged ,
rather than extensive damage to the ship as a whole.

How do you deal with people falling overboard?
What about finding Grogs (sailors) who can cope with being airbourne?
(obviously this is more of a Story question)
Are there any lifeboats?
(or similar contingency plan for evacuating in an emergency)

What if there is a Lab accident?
(or is experimental lab-work discouraged)

The Magi should be able to have small personal items to provide warmth.
Maybe a Talisman effect.

Have you considered ship visibilty from the ground?
What about a stealth mode?

Is it intended that the ship will actually be sailing on the ocean at any time?
(say into a mundane harbour , so as not to affright the locals)

How well is the ship protected from Lightning?
(Elementals , Giants , Fae , Storms , the Order of Odin)

How do you navigate in heavy fog?

(Then it gets rechristened "Forrestal".) :wink:


Ok first I will write down a bit more about thie quest to the north.

The base point will be in the Rhine Tribunal at the covenant "Bonisagus" a covenant only inhabited by Bonisagus magi. In this hidden covenant the Daedalus will be build and from this point the journey will start.

The partizipating magi are:
Archmaga Maria ex Bonisagus, 100 years out of gauntlet, Quaesitor, Intellego and Vim Mistress, one of the greatest Seekers of house Triamona, her old friend the wise men Theoderich and the golden Snake Ssrra come with her

Master Marco ex Bonisagus, 40 years out of gauntlet, the typical Bonisagus lab rat, but because of his latest studys in the arts of Perdo and Aquam he will go with his old friend Maria, he is alone on this journey

Journeyman Wulfgar ex Miscellanea, 15 years out of gauntlet, good in Aquam and Auram and with the powers of cold, born in Iceland he is very importand for this expedition, his familiar a strange silver falcon named Frost is with him

Jesabel ex Flambeau, 25 years out of gauntlet, residing in the Hibernia Tribunal, good in flames and in every form of frost, her husband the fearie-blooded warrior Tyrgalf is at her side, her origin is Iceland too

Journeyman Lazarius ex Miscellanea, 20 years out of gauntlet, a powerful necromancer with his giant-blooded and true faith companion Chronos and his familiar the big scarab Seth

Master Trajan ex Tytalus, 15 years out of gauntlet, the second youngest Master ever in the Rhine Tribunal, a powerful wind mage, accompanied by his friend and werwolf Duncan McKay which follows the path of the sword and his familiar the stork Golya

Journeyman Corvinus ex Verditius, 15 years out of gauntlet, a very old looking magus, is very good with metals of every kind, his sister and companion Tyler which knows the secret of dwarfen rune shmithing and his wolf Coras are next to him

Journeyman Ius ex Bonisagus, 15 years out of gauntlet, a mute Mentem Master, former apprientice of Archmaga Maria ex Bonisagus, only accompanied by his good friend the powerful magical owl Archimedis

First the magi will have to build some of the magic items needed for the ship, the labs have to be build inside the Daedalus, resources like Vis are collected and so on.

Then the ship will fly to Ireland to let Jesabel on board and to replenish last resources.

After this the ship will fly into Iceland, probably encountering some protectors of the island, but because of their un-harmful thougts the guardian mentiond in the saga book wont attack them.

On Iceland itself they will split up in two groops and explore the island, seek for strange places, searching for vis, investigating the other magic users, avoiding the Dominion, pherhaps they will be dragged into some conficts of the mundane people, they will make them trustworthy in order to get the informations they seek, some magical and fearie beeings will encounter them (in any possible way, not only for a fight), pherhaps they find out something about the Order of Odin (if it exists in my saga :wink:) and so on.

I think they will stay about two years on Iceland.

After this they will fly to Greenland where they.. ok this is beyond my plans. ^^

No to your posts:

The visibility of the ship is something I forgot... pherhaps another thing the Auram users of the party have to do. I think a cloud should solve this problem.
Saling on the oceans is not intended but pherhaps sometimes this will happen. Indeed Maria plans to stay away from the big citys as good as possible.
Protection from lightning... again something for the Auram boys... a ReAu warding spell instilled in the Daedalus should work.
Navigation... the spell to see trough every kind of air is so easy, every magus on board should spont-cast it without fatigue.
Yes magic can preserve things forever and without and side effects, just look at the items in Covenants.
Lab accidents are a good story hook for our Bonisagus lab rat. fg
Lifeboats... hmm are there lifeboats in the middle ages? But even not: a small boat that can trasport goods and people easily would be very useful.

Historically, there are not lifeboats for that purpose, but there would be a shoreboat of some sort, sometimes more than one (of differering sizes?), and sometimes "the captain's gig", which is anything from a smaller rowboat to a tiny pleasure sailboat, all depending on the time, the area, and the purpose of the main vessel.

If a boat went down, its crew were on their own. In a time when many, even most sailors didn't even know how to swim, it was grab something that floated and pray.

I know that some places - maybe not in the middle ages - it was a customary superstition that for a sailor to learn how to swim would pratically be asking for the ship to be hit with disaster.

The Grogs will not be asking the Magi to teach them how to fly then. :wink:

Those cruel insensitive masters!! :imp: :imp:

Well, the problem is that so few survive the first lesson! (Those that do, tho'...)

Pft, flying is easy. All you have to do is miss the ground.

And more so - the ones that do are probably not the ones you'd want on your ship. What ever made them fly in the first place might spell troubles for your ship and crew...

Why do I think I'm the only one who got this reference?

I would include a spell that would automatically douse any fires larger than a small cooking fire (this would allow for lanterns, candles, small burners in the lab, a fire to make soup or stew over, or to roast fish to Keep OHS Daedelus from having the same accident as in the myth... :slight_smile:


I dunno, Lucius gave a laugh. (I prefer obscure jokes over easy ones anyway.) :wink:

I wonder how much warping will be going on, with all these effects surrounding the passengers and crew? Many of the effects will not be large, but some could be more than 12 hours a day, quite possibly.

Otoh, if it's sailing, and not flying most of the time, and only uses flight to go from one port to another and then docks mundanely, it'd never be (much of) a concern.

I also wonder if there are any disadvantages in creating a device that in turn enchants the boat, rather than enchanting the boat itself? Since the 4th ed "half price Self only" rule has vanished, can anyone think of an actual advantage to enchanting the boat?

Disadvantages in Enchanting the Boat:o Warping
o Big lab necessary
o can be stolen/destroyed/damaged
o distinctive (" 'Ere, now- 'at's 'at flyin' boat!")
Advantages in Enchanting an Item:o usable on any boat
o portable
o no/little warping
o normal lab
o device can be kept more secure than an entire boat (arguably)