The Day's Blank Slate (1220.1)

In which the magi arrive at Insula Canaria and set about making their new homes.

It is early March on the shores of Loch Ness. As Boudicca had said in her letter to Corbin, it was a mild winter, especially in the southern part of Scotland; temperatures rarely stayed below freezing for very long, and there was little more than a dusting of snow. Even in the Highlands, the people were nonplussed about the weather. It may have gotten cold, but not bitterly so, and the Destroyer of Ice and Snow spent the whole winter in a cupboard in Muriel's cottage.

The covenant is plainly visible to any who travel the road between Cill Chuimein and Inbhir Mhoireastain. A squad of coisridh are stationed on the road to either side of Insula Canaria, as much for show as anything else, and to escort the few visitors the covenant receives.

The Spring Council Meeting is Thursday, March 12th, 1220 at a time to be determined. Everyone who's going to be there should try to be there by then.

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