The Day's Blank Slate: Corbin (1220.1)

"Well as a recent arrival I'm interested in meeting the people I'll be living with. What brought you to the covenant?"

Arthur opens and closes his mouth, thinks for a moment then replies "I arrived with magus Angus."

"Ah, well what do you and the Magus do for fun? We've a new place to explore after all."

"We have not had a lot of opportunity for fun. What do you suggest?"

"Well I like singing and music when I'm trying to relax or perplexed, and like walking. They're great. A drink is always a good way to relax and enjoy one's self too. The revel hall here looks great for that."
"And some folks play games of sport or chance for fun. How about you join me in the revel tonight? I'll be playing."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. I would attempt to get Angus there, but I believe he is going to be avoiding company for some time."

"Well up to him. " shrugging. "I'll see you this evening. Hopefully I can convince a few other new arrivals to come along too."

The Revel Hall serves as a community dining hall for anyone who wants to eat there – usually people who don't have anyone else to eat with or cook for them, but often people who just want to get out of the cottage for a while. After supper, the trestle tables are moved to the edges of the hall and it becomes a combination pub and dance hall, where the people drink, dance, and socialize until everyone's gone or passes out on the floor.

Arthur shows up for dinner and sits near Corbin.

Corbin will socialise and bring Arthur into the conversations and festivities (without being forceful), and will play or sing for the room a few times through the night, especially if the folk seem to like it.

He'll use an Aura of Beguiling Appearance, cast deftly, early in the evening too. CT 17+ vs MuIm10.

To Arthur after a few hours, "so you've not developed a favourite habit for relaxing?" while passing a fresh drink. "Ever had an inkling of an interest?"

As the evening progresses, Isobel slips into the hall, slightly nervous about being so new when most of the residents seem to know each other already. But she's curious about what the people are like, and has had good luck getting along with the villagers back at her old home. She takes a drink from the table and finds somewhere to sit where she can people watch for a little bit, getting used to what amounts to her new village.

For the most part, the covenfolk ignore the newcomers as best they can. The servers are one exception; the covenfolk who work closely with the magi are another.

There's not any overt hostility, but there is a distinct coolness in the air.

point: Arthur does not have the Gift. He is however a socially awkward depressed dwarf...
and affected by the Gift, which makes him even more awkward...

Arthur approaches Isobel and mumbles something unintelligible.

"Good evening," Isobel replies to the mumbled greeting. "Are you new here too? I'm afraid I only just arrived a short time ago myself and am still learning who's who." She's pretty certain she hasn't seen a dwarf among the regular covenfolk. But she's also not certain that she's seen everyone.

"My name's Isobel," she adds. "I'll be assisting the chirurgeon."

FWIW, Isobel does not have the Gift either.

"My name is Arthur, I assist Angus with his lab. We just arrived as well."

"My name's Corbin and this is Kevin who travelled with me here, and " (insert a few other recently arrived grogs and such Corbin would have met. "We're all new I think, although I do see Kester over there. He's the autocrat so a handy fellow to know.
And I did run into Alistair earlier but he's not here yet. There are certainly a few of us recently come. "

Corbin is not going to make mention that he is a magus.

"Where are you from Isobel?"

"I"m just from the next village over," Isobel replies with a nervous smile. "I heard rumors that the outpost here - they call it a covenant, I understand - was looking for people. I came and presented myself as someone who might assist the chirurgeon since that's much of what I did in the village. They were kind enough to take me on. They even say that they'll give me my own cottage. I'm very excited."

"What about you?" she adds. "What do you do here?"

Amongst those introduced by Corbin is a sullen looking young man named Duncan, who apparently believes the question was directed towards him "We haven't quite figured that out yet. I heard this covenant was looking for mages, so I came by and thought to sign up, turns out I had no real idea what a mage was, though I fancied myself one. I don't even have this Gift they keep talking about. They tried to explain it, but I honestly can't tell what they are talking about, feelings in my stomach, inclination to mistrust, it all seems like a bunch of hooey until someone pulls a ball of fire out of thin air. At least I can read and write Latin, so I guess there will be some sort of place for me."

Corbin responds to Isobel with a smile "our old chirurgeon was a gentle man, someone my clan really depended on. Really solid and grounded guy. Good when the raiding goes a bit unlike you want.
I'm not surprised they offered to take you in at all. And sometimes a covenant might have a few hassles with the neighbours so they might find your advice handy outside healing people too. Can't hurt. "


Addressing Duncan "Oh you've seen a mage throw fire? Great! I'd guess a background with Latin will be very interesting to the magi who end up living here. Have you been trained by clergy or do you know a Mage? Latin is kind of hard to learn. "