The Day's Blank Slate: Corbin (1220.1)

As you' expect Corbin and Scrymgeour makes their way in good time, unglamorously walking to the covenant. He'll take Kevin Longarm (grog) and a few as yet written grogs as escort.

The sentries challenge Corbin and company (in Gaelic) shortly before they reach the covenant. Upon hearing of the magus's business, they confer briefly before they detach half the squad to escort Corbin to Insula Canaria (two before, two behind).

The magus can feel the tingling that tells him that he's crossed an Aegis boundary as he crosses a crushed stone path that circles the covenant; Scrymgeur, however, is unable to cross the boundary.

There are a number of cottages, as well as one or two larger structures, dotting the covenant grounds, and everything seems to be connected by a web of dirth paths. There are a number of covenfolk about, and they all without fail stop whatever they're doing to watch them pass by.

The escort finally brings him to the edge of the loch, near a couple of wooden posts, and stands with him as one of the grogs heads to a fine-looking wooden cottage less than a dozen paces away and knocks on a door facing the loch. "The maga will be out shortly," she says to Corbin when she returns. "You can return to your posts, she says, and I will join you in a bit."

The covenant grogs turn to go back to their duties, while the one who remained watches Corbin silently. It's not long before a blonde maga in red, gold-trimmed robes leaves the cottage and comes to Corbin. She nods curtly to the grog, who turns and trots after the others.

[color=red]"I understand that you're Corbin of Merinita? I'm Boudicca of Bonisagus. Welcome to Insula Canaria." She takes out a small medallion embossed with the covenant symbol and hands it to Corbin. [color=red]"Corbin of Merinita, I invite you to enjoy the protection of our Aegis."

(pause here to allow the player to respond, if so desired)

Corbin smiles and nods his head, "Thank you Boudicca, it is a pleasure to be here. My companions and I thank you for your hospitality. You are blessed with a very compelling vista" gesturing toward the loch.
"I would ask if it is not so bold that my familiar Scrymgeur be offered a token too, if at all possible. "

Edit: Corbin will then seek to quarters for himself and the grogs. He'll be friendly and cordial.

[color=red]"Not a problem at all, sodalis, and I apologize for the oversight. Would you like a brief tour of the covenant?"

Regardless of his answer, she will go to the Council Chambers and retrieve a casting token, then go to formally invite him into the Aegis. If Corbin wish the tour, she will show him around, including invoking the bridge between the mainland and Eilean Chon to show him the Common Lab.

[color=red]"We have several sanctums that have been abandoned over the years which are available. Although that one one, the late owner seems to still consider his."

Corbin can either take up residence in one of the abandoned sanctums or an unoccupied cottage, or crash with someone else. His grogs will be allowed to either stay in the barracks, which are semi-private at best, or share a cottage Outside.

Corbin is enthusiastic about the tour of the grounds and waves away any indication of an oversight. "That cat is likely looking for mischief as we speak!"

"I'd be delighted to take a sancta, and I'm sure Kevin and my friends would love to stay in the cottage; even if it's just temporary while we settle in."
Corbin picks a sanctum close to the middle of the grounds.

"If any of us can assist with chores, or anything really please let me know. I'm not to used to being idle. And while I'm not a professional I'm happy to sing or play should there be a desire"

The only abandoned sanctum I've placed in the center of the covenant is Fiona's (#19 on the covenant map), but the sanctum that had belonged to Cainneach ex Miscellanea then Cináed of Bonisagus, has not been placed on the map yet.

There's always work to be done around the covenant if any of Corbin's crew want to pitch in. And Eilid will be more than happy to natter away about magic theory and lab stuff (her effective Magic Theory is 11), and will also discuss rebuilding the Common Lab if he's interested.

The covenfolk (who don't eat with their families) gather for meals at the Revel Hall, along with any magi so inclined, and they also tend to linger for several hours drinking, hanging out, singing...basically, doing all the things one associates with a tavern slash diner. (And Coimhe, who works in the kitchens, will try very hard to make their acquaintance as well.)

Any sancta close-ish to the centre is fine, he's not the type to get too fussed. Corbin will make sure that his crew are helpful and seek out jobs to do. Part of that will also mean he gets involved too and he won't call out to anyone that he is a Magus. Not hiding it obviously more just seeking to be helpful until something more specific comes around. Alternating between eating and socialising with the various groups if the opportunity arises.
Corbin will try his best to avoid an immediate romantic liaison with Coimhe, but he's also been accurately described as a flirt himself too. shrug If one of his companions is likely to be interested then he's happy for them.

There's plenty of work to do, even if it winter. A lot of it is basically fixing stuff that can't wait until spring, mending nets, working ón the boats, and so forth. They also welcome his company at the Revel Hall in the evenings (it's like the local pub, bar, or hang-out joint, where a lot of people spend there after-work time socializing), always ready to hear new songs and what not.

Anything he wants to do before we start the First Council Meeting thread?

Corbin is interested in meeting the covenfolk, learning the layout, and seeing how the covenant runs. He's intent on taking advantage of his gentle gift and making a positive impression with the grogs. He'll assist with low level spont magic at the times where it's appropriate and he's helping on a task.

In that case, I guess, just sit tight until we get the First Council Meeting thread up and running, unless you or I think of anything else.

I'd like to confirm that Corbin spent significant time in the evenings in the Revel Hall (mentioned in the posts above), and also available an seeking to meet the significant covenfolk and other Magi (should they also be keen) when they arrive. I think we skipped the Magi initially meeting each other when we moved to the copuncil thread, which makes sense for speed, but he'd like to meet them. :slight_smile:

He's highly social by nature. Corbin will approach mid morning other magi once he hears they've arrived - would any be open to that?

Let's find out.

Corbin will occasionally find Corvus in the great hall. He sits to the side and rarely talks to anyone as he seems to be just observing. He always seems to have several of the Covenant dogs around his table and seems to make comments to them at times.

Corbin approaches Corvus mid morning in the great hall. He's dressed in plain and dusty work clothes due to spending part of the morning doing some random repair or simple work at the covenant. He's a bit dishevelled and unshaven, and with him is a modest sized black cat with a patch of white fur who he is talking to as he approaches Corvus.

(in reasonable but not perfect Latin, nodding his head) "Hello Magus, I'm Corbin of Merinitia and new here. You've recently arrived? Offering his hand (or whatever the Scotts do to greet other folk nicely).

Bea arrived with a few days to spare before the meeting. While she spends much of the time caring for her family and with her familiar, she also makes a specific effort to meet other magi. The nursemaid who came with her takes care of the two little ones when she is not with them.

Lili, Bea's 14-year-old daughter also makes the rounds. She seems quite intent on meeting the other magi. She also has to ask a bunch of people which building is the one she's residing in over the first few days as she keeps losing track of it.

Both Bea and Lili would surely come across Corbin.

Corvus looks at the gesture and then slowly stands reaches out his hand to grasp the offered hand. He then reached over with his other hand and clap Corbin on the shoulder( much like Corbin has seen other men do to friends). Corvis filius Peragro, House Merinitia. The tone is of one who is not sure.

A terrier barks at their feet and Covus' face becomes more normal ( at least for, Corbin's point of view). Indeed Prince Richard. He is a magus

There is a garden attached to the sancta which Corbin chose, and when he's relaxing he could be found trying to clean up the garden and get but looking organised again. Corbin hasn't got a special green thumb but knows a little from his Master. Just basic reordering and fixing damage, repotting. Using the odd spont spell to cleanup effectively. He's likely singing as he works.

Perhaps they meet there?

Angus is staying in the sanctum until he learns Parma Magica, which means Arthur is running around grabbing food ad running other errands, if Corbin is interested in meeting companions...

Corbin is interested in talking to Arthur. Flagging him down to see who he is, and once he knows he is assisting Angus he'd ask Arthur to pass on his interest to meet too.
"Do you have time later to chat? Perhaps after your duties finish up."

"My duties are currently a bit flexible on time, what's on your mind?"