The Day's Blank Slate: Corvus (1220.1)

Mid afternoon in late February, a raven alights in a tree along the road from Cill Chuimein near Insula Canaria. Half an hour later another raven arrives and the two set to cawing and chattering. As the afternoon wears on, one raven will fly out and away but return within an hour. This is repeated until the watch see a man riding a shaggy pony leading a laden mule. Both ravens fly down as the man approaches the gate. One lands and transforms into a dark haired man in a long black cloak trimmed with black feathers. The other raven lands on his shoulder as he steps up to the entrance. He looks at the guard and the guard looks back. Finally, the silence is too much for Dísa and she speak. you want to talk to a magus or sometin? The man cocks he head to one side and seems to consider this for a moment then speaks to the raven on his shoulder. Of course Corvus needs to talk to a magus. Such a bright young woman. Corvus would needs token and Corvus doubts the guards would be allowed to hand them out. The raven caws and makes some other sounds. Corvis does not know if the token is shiny. If it is you may hold it.

The man turns and stares at Dísa again.

Samuel, go find Boudicca and tell her one of her new folk is here. Dísa says with a wary voice while watching the stranger.

Several minutes later, Samuel returns with Boudicca, who has a heavy red woolen cloak wrapped around her against the chill breeze. [color=red]"You are Corvus of Merinita, I take it?" she says. [color=red]"I'm Boudicca of Bonisagus. Welcome to Insula Canaria, hopefully your new home."

She then pulls out a token from a pocket and formally invites Corvus into the Aegis. [color=red]"Do you have a familiar as well, sodalis?" If he does, she will invite him as well.

Oh, and there's not really a gate for the covenant. The road passes by the covenant, and the sentries are stationed on or by the road.

Do you hear that Crone. You have been invited with Corvus. I wonder if Patricius can enter as well? Corvus would be sad without his things. He puts his hand to his chin as if to think. Corvus is afraid he does not know the names of the horse or mule. Perhaps they need an invite as well? At this the Mule brays loudly. Indeed! Corvus is pleased to meet you! The pony then wickers and stomps. Corvus is also pleased to meet you and will check on the lodgings.

What fine equines Crone. Path-plodder and Willelmus. Though Corvus does not think they need tokens. He then looks to Boudicca.

[color=red]"Only if they're magic. Or faerie. Otherwise, they shouldn't need a Token to enter."

She grins. [color=red]"And if they're Infernal, they're not getting one. Full stop." She claps her hands. [color=red]"So, who's getting tokens, then?"

She brings up an excellent point Crone. They could all be fae or demons! Crone caws several times. Indeed. Corvus should see if Path-plodder can come in as he is carrying all of Corvus' things. If he were a demon it would be most inconvenient. With that said he strides into the Covenant ( assuming he has his tokens). The mule begins to walk in but is stopped by the man on the horse.

He takes off his hat and bows to Boudicca. ( in bad Latin) Magus. I am Patricius. Lately custos of Crun Clach. His master made a deal with Caitlin Suil Uaine for my services as a shield grog for his filius. May I enter?

Boudicca brought two for Corvus and one for a familiar.

[color=red]"Are you of the mortal realm, or of the Fae?" Boudicca replies.

Patricius scratches at his beard as if considering the question. I was born in the ord of Crun Clach and raised there. I have had much contact with the daoine sìth who would visit often. I have the sight as my gran used to say. That being said, I think I am a man but it can be confusing at times.

Boudicca thinks for a brief moment, then smiles. [color=red]"Then, yes, you may enter, Patricius, and welcome to Insula Canaria."

Patricius bows again from horseback and puts his shapeless hat back on and rides in to look for stables and the turb.

When Boudicca walks back to the covenant, she finds Corvus standing by the practice field. One of the covenant terriers walks around him occasionally barking. Corvus is nodding to it and looking at the different buildings.

The stables are Outside, just west of the covenant itself and set back a little bit from the loch. Most, if not all, the turb can be found either sparring at the training field (which is near a bridge connecting the mainland to a small island) or sitting around chatting and maintaining their armour and weaponry.

A surprisingly small woman in chain mail is walking among the training grogs, talking to each of them in turn, and apparently correcting them or showing them how what they're doing should be done. Her eyes flick over to Patricius as he approaches but she ignores his presence for a few minutes.

After a little while, she will come over to where Patricius is standing.

"You're a stranger here, aren't you," she says in Gaelic.

Boudicca walks over to where Corvus is watching the turb is honing their skill. The terrier turns its attention to Boudicca and crouches, growling at her. She walks to the other side of Corvus to place him between her and the dog, but it circles to the side and starts to bark at her. His barks at Boudicca are distinctly less friendly than the ones he had directed at Corvus moments ago.

The maga sighs and casts a spell. The terrier (and Boudicca's hands) turn gold for a moment before the dog turns and trots away.

[color=red]"The dog didn't seem to be as bothered by you as I would have thought.

"Do you wish a tour of the covenant, or would you rather explore on your own for a while?"

Only for a little while. Patricius smiles and gets off his horse. I am Patricius. Late of Crun Clach. I was asked to be the shield for one of the new magus joining. He gestures to the edge of the field where Corvus is standing with the terrier. Though he is a pain when he turns into a crow and flies off.

Corvus cocks he head to the side as he considers this. Yes. Corvus' nose is not nearly as good as Good King John's. He gestures to the retreating dog. Corvus would have a hard time finding Good King John's boundaries and would look silly doing it.

Crone caws then clearly says Ward.

Yes. Yes. Corvus will ask about that when the time comes.

The short blonde looks over at Corvus. "It does make it harder for us to do our jobs when they do that. Or easier."

She looks back at Patricius. "Have you done soldier's work before? Or shielding?"

[color=red]"What about wards?"

Aye. Mainly the shielding. I did some work as a unit but my main work was to shield and protect. Always on foot, mind you. I can ride but I like my feet on the ground if there is to be any fighting. An axe needs some room if it is to be properly used.

Corvus looks at Boudicca. What wards? Warts? Wart wards?

Crone, clearly agitated, ruffles her feathers, caws loudly and bites Corvus' ear lob.

Ouch! What has Corvus done? The magus has not taken us to the house Good King John spoke about. There are rules about these things and rules about rules which rule over most.

Crone flies down in front of Corvus and caws again. Corvus looks like a petulant child being scolded.

He sighs. As a favor to Good King John, Corvus is to ask about the house over there. He points to Drystan's Cottage(12). Good King John says there are creatures within. And that it is his sworn duty to protect these grounds but he can not get in. He says something repels him from entering.

Corvus glares back at Crone and they seem to get into a starring contest.

The blonde nods silently before she extends her hand. "I'm Cearban. Sergeant of the turb here in Insula Canaria. I'll be the one you're reporting to when you're not shielding that one," she says as she jerks her head toward Corvus.

Boudicca frowns.[color=red]"I don't remember anything out of the ordinary in Drystan's cottage. We'll get a couple of grogs and investigate later."

(I'll try to put Doineann, Fiona and Drystan's labs on the wiki in the next day or two.)

Patricius grips her hand firmly. I need to feed and rub down these two. He gestures to the horse and mule. Where should I store the magus' things and my own?


I do not see a stables on the map. Just left off or outside the map area?

Corvus and Crone continue to stare at each other for 30 heart beats after Boudicca speaks. Corvus then nods. Corvus will tell Good King John of the reasonable offer.

Crone flies back to Corvus' shoulder. Corvus begins fidgeting and looking around everywhere but at Boudicca.