The end...?

Re: the final legacy of Alexei Von Kroitsau Flambonis, ex Milites, as scribed by Helmut Siggismund .

I cried with I read this.

And Fiona would bawl her eyes out at the reports that Alexei has disappeared into the pits of Magvillus. And she would, again, when Helmut comes to her with his master's staff, and when she reads the pages.

Yet, she would not tell anyone that, of all the men (and women) she has taken to her bed, the one she felt the closest to true love for, was the one man whom she was unable to take to bed: Alexei von Kroitsau.

It's good to hear that it had an affect. I know I laid it on thick. I wanted to make sure he had a heroic ending, but most heroic endings are also rather sad. I also didn't want to make any changes in the Tribunal that were too dramatic or unrealistic nor overstate Alexei's abilities.

And finally I wanted to leave a little hope, maybe just enough wiggle room...

Regarding Alexei and Fiona. Alexei's affection for Fiona was deep and genuine, but it was his nature to pursue but not capture. To place on a pedestal rather than place a ring on a finger. I always saw the two of them as somewhat like James Bond and Miss Moneypenny; plenty of sexual tension and innuendo. He honestly saw their relationship as like a faerie tale though; the knight and the giantess. In the end though, unlike many of the magi at Mons Electi, he often felt his age and that he had left some things behind (like sex), as well as he felt being chaste with his faith. He was also more than a bit dense (no big surprise) and would want Fiona to join him in his faith first before any furthering of the relationship, and he felt he could not or at least should not bring up that subject. I felt though all the different aspects of the two made for a very intriguing relationship with plenty of good stories.