The fall of Aedestera

You know, it's a shame that's sub-pages are now using what seems to be an obsolete form of HTML. I had to go into the page source to get a new copy of the house rules. Anyway, it's fascinating to read David Chart's 3rd edition house-rules, and how they clearly influenced the game moving into 4th edition.


It is even more obvious when you read the Caribet saga. The HR there are basically of "what changed between 4th and 5th edition" page.

It's not an obsolete form of HTML. It's a comment in the beginning of the page that hasn't been properly closed. Consequently, the whole page is only comment, so nothing's rendered...

Delete the comments between and , and it should display just fine. If you plan on downloading all those pages, you want to add a to point to the directory you put the files in, as well.