The Flying Chicken Session Log

OK, a couple of weeks back I volunteered to run an online Ars game for some computer game fans of Black Chicken Games over on their forum, to give a taste of what Ars Magica is about. Nyaa has posted about it over on the Black Chicken forums, but in case anyone here interested in how it went, here is the session log - we have only done one session so far. They had decided they were all from a covenant that is a magical flying city that drifts with the winds over Europe. I went with this, and started the game with the magi heading off to be Gauntleted - in a flying rowboat. :slight_smile: Log is here, feel free to read and comment -

Nyaa's summary is here -- ... topic=2463

We will be playing again next Saturday, and while the Kickstarter remains slow at least they all seemed to want to buy Ars Magica rulebooks and supplements :slight_smile: I'm enjoying it, though I have never run a game this way before :slight_smile:

cj x

Inazuma and I would love to be able to play Ars Magica online that way (he's recently posted about it here. Any chance that the trend will catch? :smiley:

I'm finding it quite different to run a game with IRC, but enjoyable. So long as i have any maps or props uploaded before the session, I think it can work well. The die rolling app one of the players put in is certainly helpful. I'm committed to running this game in support of the Kickstarter, but I certainly will run another saga this way in the future :slight_smile: Only Timezones re a real issue for us so far

cj x

OK we did session 2 - the chat log is here -- ... topic=2463
We will do session 3 on Saturday coming. It's just a shame the Kickstarter has not been better funded, but actually it is going up fast again now. Still at least I have got to play Ars Magica with some fun new people :slight_smile:

cj x

Despite the Kickstarter not funding we just kept playing - session 3 here

session 4 -

And session 5 to follow. Not sure why Libellus is Libellas but never mind, probably my typo :slight_smile:

cj x

Session 5 -


Session 6:


and Session 7;

CJ, you're an absolute star. Thank you for sharing these but more importantly thank you for being so generous with your time in support of the game.

Thanks Mark! My aim was to introduce ten new people to Ars Magica in a month - I managed twelve, and all are still playing in various games. (Well eleven, with one guest appearing in the iRC game). The covenant, library and background all appear on the Black Chicken forum. Black Chicken have now given us part of their web forum dedicated to the game -- ... owforum=24

Black Chicken renamed the Kickstarter section, as we had so many threads on it. A lot of people seem to read it too, and another one has just joined in (my twelfth recruit, though they have played Ars before, or at least owned the core rulebook before!) :slight_smile:

and here is session 8

session 9

session 10:

session 11:

session 12 has been played but log has not gone up yet :slight_smile:

cj x

As CJ stoped at session 11 here the missing logs from the BCS Forum if anyone is interested
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16

You can also look at the log direct at the BCS forum: ... topic=2463
or use the links from the Timeline thread ... st&p=24981

Session 17
Session 18

Session 19

Session 20

Session 21

Solo Adventure of Calpurnia

Session 22

Session 23
Session 24

Wow this is out of date. We have been playing for 8 months now for what was supposed to be a session or two demo to support the Kickstarter! OK, I'll add my the session log links - Logs 25 to 28 here ... entry26839

I think we have about 4 more logs though not up yet?

I stoped to copy the links here as we have a good log over at the BCS forums and this forum got nearly imposible to visit for me.