The founding of Oppidae Ibis

Days after their respective conversations, Balurega and Themmix find themselves in a large feild in a bowl shaped valley high in the mountains. There is a level 5 aura covering the entire valley, tents, and a handful of younger craft mages. They have set up a standard mystic tower to be the center of the covenant and covenfolk are already moving in setting up the kitchens and some of the more standard sleeping quarters, including rooms for the two magi until their permanent quarters can be deigned and assembled.

Upon her arrival, Themmix will report to Balaurega, keeping a reasonable distance between them, as she's aware that her disease makes people, even other magi somewhat squeamish. "Greetings, my name is Themmix ex Tytalus, and I have been contracted to do research. I was told that you are the one in charge of this facility, so if you've got anything that I could be of use, let me know, though once the place is built, I would prefer to be left mostly to my research, except for those times when I'd need to do some field work."

Balaurega respects the distance and keeps it herself. She is dressed in a full suit of chainmail made from granite, and has her wings folded about her like a cloak.

“It’s good to meet you, Themmix, I am Balaurega ex Tremere. I can’t think of anything we need from you just now, unless you are specialized in Terram or Vim. One of the craft mages will be assisting you with setting up your laboratory once the external construction is complete, which will be quite soon. You will, of course, be left to your research, but I would ask for a brief seasonal update, and advance warning of any travel you will need escort for. I don’t know very much about your condition, if you could tell me what I need to know, we can accommodate you properly. In particular, are there precautions your servants should take?

Also, I am going to survey the valley and see to constructing the buildings; what do you require from a laboratory?"

"Of course you'll be informed of the progress of my research, I expected nothing else, and how much of an advance warning of travel would be required? As for my condition, no special care is needed, as am quite capable of dealing with any problems that might arise. Am not sure whether you've been informed, but I am a specialist in Corpus magic. So healings, Longevity Rituals, and the like are my specialty." As for the last question, she pulls out a stack of papers. "I have drawn up some plans for the configuration of the building. Due to my condition, it is best that my lab will be in its own building. I did originally ask whether there might be a graveyard it could be situated in, but even a marsh should be fine. It would align the building more, and help keep out unwanted visitors. other than that, a gallery would be useful, so that if I need to explain my research to you, or anyone in your House, they can be a respectable distance away, plus, since a whole graveyard is unavailable, I'd like a mausoleum inside the lab, as a very prominent piece."

OOC Lab Requirements

Size: 3
Refinement: 3 (This is something I can work towards)
Flaws: Heinous Architecture, Greater Focus (Grave), Vile Surroundings (if possible)
Virtues: Dedicated Building, Superior Construction, Gallery, Greater Feature (Grave)

Wish List: Superior Lighting, Superior Heating, Priceless Ingredients

There might be more I'd want to add in time, but that will mostly be done through enchanted items, like the Preserved virtue.

Balaurega nods, and looks over the plans. She cringes a bit. "This seems intentional... you like... asymmetry, don't you? We can't provide a graveyard, and there doesn't seem to be much marshland around, but if the local geology permits, I could construct a catacomb, to which your laboratory could be adjoined, would that suit you?"

Themmix laughs a bit, her Tytalus upbringing can't help but make her a bit giddy making others uncomfortable, or on their edge "It is very much intentional. It both helps focus my mind on my research, while making those who see it feel ill at ease, and less likely to try and enter it, which is something we ALL want for this research. A catacomb near could be fine. Not sure it would make the same vibe, but one can hope and try. BTW, were you informed of the specifics of my research, or should I give you a basic layout of what it's about?"

Baluarega shakes her head. "It was thought better I should get it from the source."

"I thought it simple enough that it would have been easy enough to explain" And she shrugs before continuing "We know that before the Order, there were many mystery cults and pagan religions. Some of the ancient ones seemed to worship fertility 'gods'. It is my estimate that by integrating such knowledge into Hermetic Theory, we could affect unborn children more easily, as well as determine what they would be good at doing when they grow up. So, if you want the child to be a soldier, or a ruler, or a simpleton, for whatever reasons, you could give him what he needs. And possibly even make sure the child is Gifted."

Balaurega nods, ignoring the jab. "That seems a useful secret to have. I imagine there will be a certain amount of travel to ancient sites? You don't seem the type to respect the trappings of ancient dead religions any more than we do, is that fair to say?"

"I can respect the trappings on ancient dead, but not of their religions, unless they are needed to pursue my research."

Balaurega grins. "As long as we don't have to conceive children on the equinox or something of the sort."

Her attention wanders to the preparations being made.

"I must go and see what this valley is made of. We will talk later once I have found a good site for you."

Balaurega goes off and rummages through the supplies until she finds a set of medium sized casting props, then takes them to the center of the valley and casts a ceremonial spell to identify its makeup.

[ InTe 30 - 15 mom/touch+1/part+1/3x radius+1

2 Sta + 5 In + 21 Te + 5 Aura + 2 AL + 2 Ph +3 props +1 gestures +1 words = 42. Using 8 pawns terram vis to get to 58

Not rolling yet, @silveroak is there vis onsite to use?


There are 3 queens of vis onsite to use in construction.

Success! So 3 mile radius from the center of the valley.

The composition of the area is Granite, Limestone, Gypsum, Istrian stone, Sandstone and quartz along with topsoil.

And she knows the layout of deposits, right?

No, the spell gives you the properties of a composite object, not complete schematics for it. If you want greater resolution you will need to focus your spell.

Extra mag for complexity?

Or just a different guideline?

There is level 30 "commune with natural rock"
You can also use smaller castings to look at smaller areas and narrow down where a mineral is, or use level 20 with sight target to simply look through the earth, or MuTe to make the earth transparent...
Spells like speak with rock or commune with rock will however take longer to pin down the location of a given deposit the larger the area you are searching.

Is there enough vegetation to create a curtain on the ground so that Herbam will be necessary for either form of transparency?

There is a small forest on the ground, but beyond that I don't understand the question. There are spots with bare rock and you can always stand under the trees.