The future

OK, the first adventure is in the books. There'll be some updating of characters and a few other things. Spring heads our way where the Covenant will be created.

I have to ask though, is the game going to continue? The adventure more or less limped along to its conclusion, we started with 7 or so players and are down to 3 plus myself.

If we do continue I think we'd need more players, so we can try to recruit more. If we perhaps don't want to continue now's the time to find out.

I want to continue, so no worries there. If you're not certain we'd want to find out now.

I'm not placing any blame or judgment on anyone but myself for what I seem to be noticing going on with the game (a somewhat lack of interest). So let's discuss this and see if we want to continue.

I think that we shall continue. I have enjoyed the last episode. Bring a few new recruits and then we continue. Perhaps the next story should include every magus. The last episode had Acacius and Tessa as main characters so I guess that everyone else would be interested in using their magi. Will you Q run the next story or shall we take turns in telling a story?

I would like to keep going. Things will be better after grogs have a few seasons in them so that they can start to know the actual language. Scots Gaelic is native language, they need to learn latin and English before they are fully usable (that can take 4-5 seasons if they work at it (8 xp a season for 2 seasons each will get them all to english 2, latin 2 and functional)

OK, good to hear so far. I'll put in a thread asking for more players.

Spring will be heavily focused on the Magi, I'm not sure how much of a story it will be as the magi create the Covenant, set up labs and have the dreaded...

[size=150]Covenant Meetings! :smiling_imp: [/size]

There will no doubt be a few of those as the Charter is developed and such.

I think once Spring is done I'd be fine with a story being told from one of the other players if someone wants to step up. Kerry? What about you? What are your thoughts?

Wow! Talk about convenient! I just got a PM from someone interested in joining. At this point I'd like to get everyone's input before hand. This is a maga of Ex Miscellenea who was apprenticed to Tremere until right at the end, and has a common origin with Siobhan (definitely need Ladyphoenix's approval).

The player is ROF, perhaps you're familiar with this person?

I'll be posting in the other thread tomorrow to seek players.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was having computer issues. I would like to continue with this game. I think the winter season dragged a bit because it ended up just being focused on one magus. There wasn't much for the grogs to do sometimes. But I look forward to building the covenant.

I do not know ROF. I have nothing against him joining.

I trust ROF as well. Even if I had fun I can see you point about the last story. I think that the main problem where the language barrier and that Tessa’s player went missing. If where not for the language barrier then Acacius could have spoken to anyone else as well but all communication had to go through Tessa. Well next story should include all magi so onward to more fun.

OK, I'm working with ROF's concept and history, and since we already have approval, I'm happy to have him join. I think I need to contact the web admin to make the ivnite.

I'll open a thread on the PbP board and ask for...up to 2 more then? That would make a good number I think.

Hey, I don't mind a few more ex-tremere. We can practice certamen together and become the dueling terrors of the tribunal. THe question is why did he become X-misc instead of Tremere. I would love to know more about that. Siobhan was taken away from tremere as punishment for violating the code (losing apprentice). I could easily see a Bonisagus grabbing someone to become ex-tremere. I would love to know the story on the ex misc.

I don't mind another new player or two. I think games will flow better when language is not an issue as much. This is why the three grogs that I submitted all took either 3xp in English (the three that stayed home) or 2 xp english, 5 xp latin for Aine.

Hmmmmm, The only issues I have with RoF's background is that we are so close in age and two different tribunals. Other than that, it does seem very workable.

OK, so with a modification of that aspect we should be good then. I'm going over some other details with his character and history. But otherwise I say let's invite ROF.

I have another invite request. He's a long time player of table top and PbP games, but very new to Ars. I'm checking to see how new, because we really need a magus (I usually have newbies play a Companion and Grogs for awhile in my tabletop Ars games).

How would you feel about helping along a player new to Ars?

Beginners are welcome. We where all beginners once. Shall we begin the next story and let the new men and/or women join up with as we go along. I think that the first council meeting perhaps should be made by those magi that are remaining and that the new ones can come and apply for membership.

As long as the player has at least the core book, we should be able to help him along with the rest. As long as he doesn't mind help given.

I agree with Max here. Expecially for new players, for they wouldn't really understand the implications of the items being discussed.

OK sounds good, I went ahead and sent him an invite, we're still working on the character concept.

I don't have much time today, but tomorrow we can probably start up again. Thanks for keeping it going.

In some ways play by post is better than face to face for new players because they have more time to ask questions and see answers. This would raise us to six mages which is good for a covenant.

OK, I got one more request for someone to join. With the current line up we have 7 magi (including Aggie). Do we want one more? Please let me know.

I'm still working with ROF on Gwendolyn to iron out some kinks in the background and such. I was a little busy over the weekend and didn't do as thorough a proofreading as I should have, but we'll get it worked out.

Hi, qcipher:

Please note I just edited Alexander (my character), and did a minor shuffling of points in the Arts departments (Auram form 7 to 5, increased Intellego to 6 with those points), as well as changed 2 spells (had too many combat spells, and not enough utility spells.) Check out the post in the magi character thread, please.

As for an additional magus, it's up to you, buddy. You're running the game :mrgreen:

As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good Morlan, glad to see a bit more utility.