The Greek Mythology Personality Test

The Greek Mythology Personality Test
My apologies for not posting this in General Discussion ,
but the spam is keeping people away.
Hope you find it amusing , despite being hosted on OKCupid!

I'm Aphrodite... :blush:

And I'm being compared to Paris Hilton! :open_mouth:

That's a cruel test Ravenscroft... A Wizard War might be in order! Check yourself out, I'll be in Sydney in 3 weeks. :smiling_imp:

The Oracle
33% Extroversion, 100% Intuition, 0% Emotiveness, 52% Perceptiveness

Pretty good fit.


33% Extroversion, 66% Intuition, 72% Emotiveness, 71% Perceptiveness

... ... Morpheus! It is ALL your fault father!! (( Cookie for getting the reference ))

66% Extroversion , 86% Intuition , 27% Emotiveness , 100% Perceptiveness

I totally agree with the pretty grumpy statement. :imp:

I don't read Sandman or know who Neil Gaiman is. :stuck_out_tongue:

But of course not. Have a cookie anyway.

How long are you visiting Sydney for?

Being a curmudgeonly Ex Miscellanea ,
my tour guide skills are somewhat lacking ,
but i do know where some decent food places or coffee shops are to be found in our fair City.

(yeah me too! Always looking over my shoulder... Even made a Ars session on Orpheus looking over his shoulder)
It claims I have a 100% Intuition Ha Ha Ha, I'd only wish!

"You can capture your unique world view and relate it to others with the skill of a master storyteller." - when will they ever learn that it is storyGUIDE?!?

"Stay clear of: Icarus, Hermes, Atlas"
OOops! Not good, not good at all! And I'm quite the superstitious one, so I guess that's a goodbye to everyone - nice knowing you all! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm Prometheus?

OK: which one of you #$^@##$^#$% is the eagle?

Watch out, kids, I'm Nemesis.

0% Extroversion, 100% Intuition, 83% Emotiveness, 61% Perceptiveness

20 questions proves it all. I can give up that quest to know myself now :smiley:


I'm Nemesis baby.

I'm Prometheus, no wonder my wife keeps complaining about me leaving the lights on.

... Is this where we insert the Henpecked jokes?

I'm Orpheus (an artist). Totally wrong guess. :laughing:

It's curious how many of us are Orpheus...! We should consider starting a band...! :laughing:

Do we just have a higher than average intuition? Or do we simply think we have in terms of answering the questionare? (disregarding how useless the result of such questionaires are).

I appear to be an oracle... Kinda saw that coming;)

I scored higher than 99% on Extroversion
I scored higher than 99% on Intuition
I scored higher than 99% on Emotiveness
I scored higher than 99% on Perceptiveness

Can't really figure out how I managed that... Not even an oracle knows everything....

Oh, and I really liked this part:

Oracle as well.

As a side note, an oracle can come to have any question answered to him, but he has no damn idea about 99.9% of the stuff in the world, let alone in his own predictions!! So nothing about "knowing everything" and the like. :wink:


I'm an Orpheus as well.

This reminds me of the Dante purity test, which I first discovered here as well (I think).

Matt Ryan