The Grimore and Laboratory threads

I've been thinking for some time (not just since Lucious put his spells and items on to the threads) that these threads serve to enshrine spells and items without presenting all of the opinions that we put forth about them on the boards.

If someone were to put up really bad material on the threads then either someone else would be obligated to change these sumation threads into discussion threads or we'd have to just live with the uglyness.

On the WotC character optimization boards (I've passed through them a few times in the last few months). There are some sticky threads at the top of the boards, but rather than being full of discussion they are full of links.

Would it be possible for these threads to be reworked so that rather than presenting the spells in the grimore thread. The grimore thread merely contains links to the thread where we've hashed out the spells in open discussion?

So instead of putting the spells from my "abandoned covenant" thread into the grimore I instead write down the names and perhaps the techniques and then provide a link to the thread where I presented them and there can still be active discussion so the spells will never be enshrined in some "final" form.


This would be a good idea. Ok, I think I did my best (making a new thread, changing most of the spells after the critic and erase some heavily discssed spells from the list I wanted to post in the Grimoire Thread) to let the community influence and correct my spells, so this could be agood idea, but a nerverending discussion is also very bad: there have to be some point where someone makes a final point, putting all critcs and suggestions in one final spell.
Pherhaps it would be good if everyone write a link to a thread above or under every spell he or she posts, but to post only a link wouldnt feel right and good for me.

The only problem is if threads get archived- I know that some of those CO links are dead. Also, the question of general maintenance- who is going to create, add, organize and update those links?

No, there doesn't.

Not unless we want to mandate that all such spells get passed by Atlas personnel, and then become canon. Or are never to be.

Many spells are subject to individual opinion, which is exactly why a link to the exchanges is important- because opinions differ. And, unless a spell is given a final Atlas blessing, that's all it is- public opinion. And opinion can differ over time as well, and new views can arise, especially if later official expansion material is noticed to have a direct bearing on an old thread.

Any schmuck can post a "Me too" after the fact (and they often do, sadly), but if we close a thread (one way or another), we close our minds to new ideas, even ones that become canonized.

While all that is fine and dandy, don't forget that you can link to Atlas threads from the spells wiki too... hint hint...