The Heirs of Tarragon Vale

The 4th edition "Sanctuary of Ice" sourcebook presented the intriguing situation of the Covenant of Tarragon Vale, whose members vanished one day, leaving a group of magi claiming to be the hightful owners of both the covenant and its growing fortune of vis.

And what about in your campaigns? What impact did the Tarragon Vale or the Heirs of Tarragon Vale had in your campaigns? What caused the Vanishing? And was it ever found out? What impact did the Heirs ever had? What were their Houses, how many were they, and where did they live while waiting to claim their inheritance?

IMC: Time travel. Tarragon Vale had fallen through the hole in the universe created by the killing fields of the Second World War. Well, technically the faeries had decided that they wanted the War Story to stop because it was just so ugly and back then they cared about that sort of thing.