The Last Stand of Flambeau

While there were only garbled accounts from the few survivors and no one knows how it was accomplished, one brave Moor with a cameraphone recorded his last stand... ... r_embedded

And now you know why nature is described as a Mother....


I've seen tiny, brief versions of this, but that's truly remarkable.

In some parts of Australia, staring at whirlwinds is believed to annoy the spirits travelling in them, which look like a mixture of a person and a cassowary.

The Universe is just messing with us now..... Fire = Bad, Tornado = Bad, Fire Tornado = bad on a whole new level!

Nope sorry....these things aren't bad enough on their own....lets merge them.


Impressive. Still, it falls way short of my vision of what the end of Flambeau looked like. I always thought of it more along something coming out from Dragon Ball, Akira or similar mangas than anything else. KABOOM! Aiuram + Ignem. Looks like elementalists at work, right?