The Lotharingian Tribunal

This thread is about the politics, dealings, persons, alliances, history, peripheral code etc. of the tentative Lotharingian Tribunal, which does not exist yet :slight_smile:

The covenants interested in becoming a part of the Lotharingian Tribunal includes:

Triamore, a small covenant with a very driven Tremere maga, Daria la Gris, which would become one of the leaders of the new tribunal

Waddenzee, a pirate covenant, daring and devious bsed on the island of Terschelling in the Frisian Islands. A major Bad Boy

Florum, a wealthy and industrious covenant in Ghent, using a spinning factory as a cover. Many resources.

Spider's Palace, a high Aura retreat for Florum's magi. Original site of FLorum, now mainly used for lab work.

Requies Aeternae, a small winter covenant, home of the Donatores tradition of ex Miscellanea.

Almelo, the Hero of the Saga :slight_smile:

Cologne Chapterhouse, a possible site for a covenant supported by Fengheld of the Rhine Tribunal.

IIRC there are more covenants who are supposed to be interested in this, namely Fengheld.

We don't need to have them be interested in it, of course, just pointing it out, for discussion maybe. Fengheld is the strongest case, IMO, because it is a very influential covenant in the Rhine which would very much like to breath new airs...

Fengheld is interested in its formation yes, as I see it, though, the Grand Tribunal would never allow Fengheld to become a part of it because of the very skewed geographical borders it would create. Fengheld would probably try to create a chapter house or have the one in Cologne become a real covenant.

The Quaesitors in Normandy are also tentatively interested, but as Lion and the Lily points out, they are looking for a place to create covenant given a Lotharingian Tribunal would form.