The official word? :)


Loads of good stuff heading our way in Ars Magica. Looking especially forward to RoP: Magic.

So far we know about RoP: Magic, Hedge Magic (Revised) and RoP: Faerie.
Are there any other projects on the way that you can either tell us the name for, or what they're about? :slight_smile:



Those are the three I have manuscripts for right now, and will take us through to the beginning of 2009. I'm afraid we're not ready to talk about the things coming after that, though I know David has quite a few in progress of being written.

So, at the moment, allowing that things can change do you see RoP: Faire likely to come out in late 2008 or early 2009?

I'm going to play it safe and say early 2009 ... that way you can be pleasantly surprised if it somehow happens earlier. :wink: