The Old Net Grimoire

So I'm blissfully reading through my copy of the old Ars Magica Net Grimoire, the one with the 2nd/3rd edition spells, not the wiki. Seems I've got two missing spell descriptions in my copy; I've just got the header part for these two spells. They're listed in the Intellego Auram section as:

Measurement of the Three Dimensions
Measuring the Length of Shadows

Apparently I've got the second edition of the thing. The only first edition of the file I can find online doesn't have these two spells at all. Does anybody know if these two spells were ever in either edition of this file? If so could you please supply me with the text of these two spells? I'd appreciate it immensely.



Got em but in my copy they both have almost the same exact description.

Ooh, niftiness!

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: