The old Provencal covenant of Albision

I was reviewing the original Lariander covenant, from the 2nd Edition Covenants book, and ran across a few lines about their sponsoring covenant, Albision - which seems to have not been heard from since. I figure they were so obscure that they were completely forgotten by the current generation (kids these days!) or discarded by 5th Edition as unneeded - House Tremere sponsored Lariander, probably.

No matter, I will include them as a vanished covenant, presumably very near Albi, and destroyed in the opening days of the Crusade.

From the thin material in Covenants, it seems that Albision was mature enough to have spare grogs, who formed a bumbling and drunken turb for Lariander; they don't seem to have had enough magic or perhaps enough generosity to provide a library; Lariander's was pitiful. I'm going to say that Albision was a Summer covenant with pretensions.

Since it was mature, but weak enough to be crushed with no survivors, I suspect it had a small membership, of fairly little magical might. This says to me that they were Jerbiton magi more interested in art and culture than magic, possibly with a Redcap, probably a Gorgiastic Cathar Ex Miscellanea in close contact with the local heretics.

At the Tribunal we are currently playing through a new covenant is about to reveal itself, Propugnatorum, on an abandoned magical site near Albi - they are Tytalus and Flambeau magi dedicated to defending Christ's Church through defensibly mundane means in the awareness of mundanes. The Redcaps have no trouble determining that their site is the former Albision. I think that will put a cat among the pigeons.

They are residents, having attended Tribunal independently. They register with the Praeco and Redcaps at this Tribunal, although they will admit to having been present in the Tribunal for some years. (They have had their mail delivered as independent magi.)

I'm looking for plot holes, plot tracks, and plot ramps. Thoughts?

The biggest plot hook has to be what really happened to the original covenant.

Was it actually wiped out? Did it disappear into a regio and is actually still very much alive and just cut off from the rest of the Order? Did some faeries mess with it and move it in time? Was its apparent demise engineered by Tremere agents for extremely obscure purposes? Did the entire covenant get swallowed in someone's Final Twilight?

The fate as recorded by Tribunal and the actual fate of the covenant can be two very different things. Maybe the person who reported on the covenant's fate had an ulterior motive for concealing the truth. Maybe the means by which it vanished left behind some convincing yet false ruins.

You can have fun with everything from conspiracy theories to dungeon romps with this kind of vanished covenant.

Certainly even if Albision was magically weak, it would have some magical resources that have gone unclaimed and untended, and others that have fallen into who knows whose hands. The library may have been destroyed, saved, seized, or dispersed.

There were likely companions, some of whom may yet live, and enemies too.