The Order in 1260

Since this campaign starts in 1260 and has a bit of a meta-story behind it, there are some changes in the Order.

Mercere: Merecere suffered a drastic change when an Infernal plot within the House culminated with the assassination of five of their Magi. The Redcap network broke down as Redcap fought against Redcap. Order was restored when House Tremere and House Jerbiton came to the aid of of the surviving Mercere magi and their followers. For the first time in centuries, a magus was appointed Prima as the House sought to stabilize itself.
The House has been aggressively recruiting more Redcaps and are organizing in a tighter network. The loss of the Magi hurt badly but has been helped by other Houses finding suitable apprentices for the surviving Mercere Magi.

Guernicus: As the civil war within Mercere comes to a head and it is obvious that Infernal forces were at work within the House, the Prima gathered in Durenmar. It is during this meeting that Guernicus Prima Bilera sickens and dies in a single night. This caused a massive uproar and panic in the heart of the Order. Investigations into the death were inconclusive and publicly linked to an Infernal plot to weaken the Order of Hermes. Some investigators were not convinced but the improbability of a Corpus spell of the magnitude needed could not be reconciled.
Guernicus suffered another setback as what appeared to be massive earthquake centered on the Domus Magna of Magvillus split the hill it stood upon. Rumors swirled of a power struggle in the inner circle of the House as a possible point. Needless to say that the great Library was damaged and even the deepest dungeons were opened. In the ensuing power struggle between the Traditionalist and Transnationalists the House was weakened. Cato, a Guernicus of the Greater Alps Tribunal was eventually named Primus. His methods tend to be very much like Bilera politically.

Flambeau - The Milites gain control. Ariel is the current Prima of House Flambeau. She succeeded Garus after he was assassinated during a power struggle within the House. It has been characterized as the Milites vs non-Milites but there are rumors that there was more. The House is more organized and structured now. All magi of the House belong to a team of four others. They have trained together with a team of grogs. Each teams has a rallying point to travel to if summoned.

Jerbiton: Andru has slowly been making his House more organized and militant. Much is the same as before but a small group of magi are now trained to use their arts in combat. It is also rumored that they have built up their spy network.

Bjornaer: Some sects, primarily from the Midusulf and Maruhs clans have left the Continent. Many travel to the Loch Leglean Tribunal or Hibernian Tribunal. Some are rumored to have traveled even further.

Merinita: Under new Primus Brennus, the House has gained more order as members have spread out to different Tribunals in an attempt to preserve the Fae. Many have gone to the Greater Alps, Transylvania and Thebes to locate and catalog the fairy locations.

Tremere - The Tremere preparations for war are put to the test with the aid to the Mercere and later to try to deal with the Mongol invaders. They are said to have been active in the defense of Klis Fortress in Croatia There is a rumor that the Tremere had an agent assassinate The Great Khan thus causing the Armies of the Mongols to retreat to choose a new leader and buy Europe some time.

Novgorod Tribunal does not exist as the magi have either fled or been killed by the mongols. Pockets of more powerful magi may still be there but are cut off from the rest of the Order ( for the most part). Same with Levant.