The Pan's Syrinx

Idea for an Adeventure or Saga:
A pan flute appears in the hands of a character (a grog, a companion or covenfolk) after he won her in a competition. The last owner is searched after the flute has clearly sobrenatural powers, and in the hermetical investigations can't clearly say if they arealigned with magic or faeric realm. The powers include: Cause warping use her (like a effect of oth magnitud), but with those warping point, the victim gain a the same in Enchanting Music, the Maximum level is unknown, because many spells (The only constant all they are Voice ranged effects). You can think that for any five experience points in Music, you know three complete songs, and by that way you can create a effect by that song different, and ever gain two exposure experience points in Music (you can't gain they in other ability). The limit for the Enchanting Music ability is the Music ability of the user (but this don't limit the warping). When the user gain 5 Warping Score, the Virtue that he gains is a Lesser Power related to the effets more commonly used by him.
The warping score/3 is added for a Melancholic and a Sanguine personality traits.
The minimal power si a Intellego Corpus effect that reveals the virginity of a woman. All of the rest are related to Herbam, Mentem, Animal, Corpus and Imaginem Forms and the Intellego, Rego, Muto and Creo Techniques.
Finally, a strange and powerfull faery court seems be after the instrument, this is the cause for the musician left the instrument?

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