The PDFs are beautiful!

Hello All!
My link to the PDFs for the KS files of Magical Kitties Save the Day! arrived and the art work is amazing! I love it.

Now I'm going to have to go dive into them in detail.



So glad you like them! Enjoy!

I'm noticing that the Magical Powers table on pg 15 has the wrong column label. It says "Flaw" instead of "Magical Power".

Matt G

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I really love the expanded Talents, Flaws and Powers tables. I also love the Problem Source and Emotion tables.

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And I was noticing that it is frustrating that each PDF page has two pages on it. It makes zooming in to 'page width' difficult. :frowning:

Nice catch! Adding that to our errata list.

Our plan right now is to redo the PDFs so they're single-page view for the version we're putting up on our site this week, which you could re-download or request directly from :slight_smile:. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Thank you for the update! I look forward to getting the revised ones!