The perils of drink?

Does a magus get any of their form bonuses to resist becoming drunk?

This might go a long way towards explaining the tendency of extreme drunkenness at house Flambeau gatherings.

Not unless someone is using magic to induce drunkenness. They don't get a terrem bonus against swords or a herbem bonus against staves. Of course a spell to give a bonus against drunkenness (CrMe(Co)?) would certainly be possible.

Uh... according the core rules, they do get the terram bonus vs swords. See Form Bonus, page 77. If the ignem bonus applies to mundane fire, like the text implies, then the terram applies to metal weapons, thrown rocks etc.

Hence why I personally, in character, have NO desire to deck my corpus specialist in the jaw even when he does something worthy of it, since I'd break my fingers, effectively.

Okay, I usually skim that part- looks like it would be herbem then to resist the toxin of alcohol...


Well, looks like I'm having a hard time getting drunk as a magus then :frowning:

The form bonus (Forms score/5) certainly allows magi to resist mundane threats aligned to the form.
From memory, I guess Herbam allows you to resist "poisons" of a vegetable nature, and this would include wine, beer etc. (fermented milk would be Animal, however -- though the alcoholic potency of such brews is typically pretty low).

It's not clear however, if the Form bonus can actually work against you - e.g. in cases when you would like to get drunk. Since it's automatic and does not require consciousness (plus all the "magic resists change" stuff) I'd say yes. It's also not clear whether you can suppress the Form bonus when you suppress a Form for the purposes of Magic resistance, though I'd say you can.

Probably Aquam, since Aquam is used to make alcohol.

So, one would have to concentrate on drinking, since lowering resistance requires one to concentrate. Typically, this happens so quickly and for such a limited time that it isn't a problem. But if it were the case that one would need to concentrate to feel the effects of alcohol over the period of drinking, then that would be interesting and funny.
"Shush, I'm trying to get drunk here, and I keep getting distracted."

Aqum states that it is to resist drowning or thirst, where herbem specifically states that it is to resist plant toxins- alcohol is a plant toxin despite being in a liquid form, as are a number of other poisons that could be made as a toxic liquid with aq magic, but for resistance it is broken down to terram for mineral toxins and herbem for vegetable toxins.

I understand that it's the modern understanding that alcohol is derived from sugars, which come from plants. Within the medieval paradigm, though, I'd lean towards Aquam over Herbam. Alcohol creation doesn't require any Herbam requisites, either.

Anyone in the middle ages would realize you need plants (hiops, barley, etc.) to make alchohol, this is not an issue of the medieval paradigm, just the difference between what aquam is capable of doing as a spell versus what it provides defensive bonuses against. It also does not have any terram requisites to handle salt water, but salt is most definitely terram, not aquam. People in the middle ages knew that you brew alchohol from plants, not dug a well to find it, which makes it clearly herbem back to 6000 BC.

By that logic, any alcohol created with Aquam should require Herbam requisites and acids should be herbam or terram requisites.
And then there's the whole etymology of spirits as a term when used for distillation.

I'm not saying it's not a consistent approach to turn to Herbam as the source, but Aquam is a good alternative, too. Then there's the whole Corpus argument, that your body could somehow process alcohol more quickly or safely, and be immune to the effects of alcohol on the body. Magnitudes for certain forms might be higher than others...

Whatever form you choose I can easily see specialists drinking hemkock and belladona in liquid form to get mildly drunk. Makes for a great image.

You can certainly make an argument for aquam. I can also make an argument that electricity should be safe to handle, which will do jack squat if you pick up power cables. If anything here is about a modern understanding it is the idea that there has to be consistency. The rules state herbam for plant based toxins, which includes alchohol, and states that aquam protects against drowning and dehydration. Now if you are talking about protecting against the dehydrating effcts of alchohol you have a very good point, but that isn't what makes you drunk. Hemlock oil is also a toxic liquid which can be made with creo aquam, but it is still an He defense bonus.

ReMe 5: Bring Me My Extra Strong Special Ale!
Makes the caster drunk until sunrise/sunset.